Full name: Kryshko Tatyana Anatolievna

Date of birth: 06.12.1968

Address: Ukraine, Kherson region, Novotroitskoye settlement

Passport: MO 266515

TIN: 2517709961

Контакты: +380955410623,+380554850017


– former math teacher at the Novotroitsk Lyceum;

– t.nz chief of education;

– a candidate in a fake election;


Traitor of Ukraine, participant of the illegal electoral process in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, collaborator – Kryshko Tetyana Anatolievna. Originally from Novotroitskiy district of Kherson region. She has a pedagogical education. Graduated from the Kherson Pedagogical Institute named after M. A. Kherson. N.K. Krupskaya, 1991.

Before the war, Tatyana Anatolievna was a math teacher at Novotroitsk City Lyceum No. 1.

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

With the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian invaders in February 2022, Kryshko showed her anti-Ukrainian stance and openly supported the arrival of the “liberators”.

The Russian invaders because of their proxies from local collaborators, in the list of which was also Tetyana Kryshko, who performed all the tasks to force the residents of the temporarily occupied Kherson region to cooperate. In this way, the treasonous Kryshko switched to “Russian educational standards” and forced the teaching staff to write applications to work under the guidance of their fellow traitors in the communal enterprises, schools, kindergartens, vocational schools, and technical schools seized by the Rashists.

Under the will of the Rashists, Kryshko received a position under the fake Ministry of Education and Science of Kherson region as head of the department for education work in Novotroitsk municipal district.

In July 2023, Kryshko, a collaborator of the Rashists, agreed to “serve the occupants” and decided to participate in the “day of unified votingon September 8-10 in the temporarily occupied territories of the Kherson region. She was registered in the lists of candidates for deputies of the pseudo body created by the Rashists – the council of deputies of Novotroitsk municipal district of the first convocation.

For her collaborationist activities and pro-Russian stance, the traitor will be held accountable before the people and before the law. Collaborator Kryshko Tatyana Anatolievna will face imminent punishment.