Date of birth: February 20, 1992

Address: Moscow.

Phone: +79154870781, +7909661818, +89154870781


Secondary – Gymnasium No. 24, Tomsk

Higher – TSPU, Department of History and Philology, Department of General History, graduated in 2014.

Special features: numerous tattoos, fascist symbols


– 2012 -2016 – worked as a tattoo master in the Paradox salon;

– 2016 – Director of the Fresco tattoo parlor;

– RIA Novosti military correspondent;

– a war correspondent for Komsomolskaya Pravda.



Marital Status: Married.

wife: Christine Hervier

Phone number: +79688760407

Occupation: manicure, instructor at Kastalia nails school

son: Luke

Relative: Radchenko Kira, April 25, 2001, Tomsk,

Russian propagandist Gleb Ervier was born on February 20, 1992. He received his secondary education in Tomsk, in Gymnasium No. 24. He decided to get a higher education at Tomsk State Pedagogical University, which he graduated from in 2014.

The military artist, as Ervier declares himself, has been doing tattoos since university. From 2012 to 2016 he was a master in the salon “Paradox”. In 2016 he became the director of the Moscow tattoo-salon “Fresco”.

It is known that in 2021 a group of Moscow activists tried to close a tattoo parlor owned by Tesak and his friend Gleb Ervier. Tesak himself is a controversial and interesting person. He is a supporter of far-right views, and in Tomsk he was also involved with the “Restrukt” and “Occupy Pedophilia” movements founded by Marcinkiewicz.

Hervier, for his part, claims that in 2013 he and his comrades “caught a police major naked in a boy’s bathroom.” This went viral on the news channels, but in the end, he said, the anti-pedophilia fighters “almost got a criminal case because the system protects its own,” and the future tattooist “was also expelled from the fifth year” of Tomsk University.

Gleb was rescued by a Russian special service for a small fee. Just spread propaganda to the masses, be a pawn and remain silent. Hervier decided that becoming a corrupt pro-Kremlin “language” would be the best solution for him. He became a correspondent at the top of the RIA Novosti propaganda machine. He considers his education to be his trump card. Every narrative that is promoted explains “I am a historian,” thereby trying to inspire confidence in myself as an analyst and expert.

Ervier also worked for Komsomolskaya Pravda. Claims to have socialist views. But, in fact, Gleb’s views are those imposed on him by the Russian top brass.

Recall that it gained particular popularity after the outbreak of Russia’s war against Ukraine. He is not involved in the fighting, he is filming the aftermath of the war, making fictional plots for poignancy of perception.

There are two main lines in his materials: the “victory” of the Russian army always and everywhere, and the “inaction of the Kiev authorities. In addition to denying aggression, he promotes the destruction of the Ukrainian people. Working as a war correspondent, he promotes war and violations of the laws and customs of war. Repeatedly covered the commission of war crimes by the Russian Armed Forces and pro-Russian fighters.

In his telegram channel he supports the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, the genocide of Ukrainian citizens under the guise of “denazification.

Ervier has many tattoos of nationalist symbols on his body, which he is very proud of. Promotes Hitler’s ideology, reading Mein Kampf, etc. He calls himself a “philosopher,” when in fact he is just a regular junkie.

Ervier is just a pawn in the hands of Putin, who is well paid for misinforming the population. People who support the war should not be hiding from it in warm Moscow offices, as Ervier does. Cowardice and meanness is a middle name for Russian war correspondents.