• “Star” from Melitopol: how a Ukrainian woman betrayed her homeland, husband and father-in-law for the sake of a rich life

  • Elimination of Prigozhin: how the Kremlin is leaking “Putin’s cook”

  • “Children of Russia”: who kidnapped and abused the Kherson kids in Crimea

Alexei Fedorchak

  • Denis Rogozhnikov

  • Mikhail Yarovoy

  • Olga Kladieva

  • Anastasia Bondarenko

Dmitry Zharkikh

  • Alexander Kornev

  • arkadiy-marzoev

    Arkady Marzoev

  • oleg-makarevich

    Oleg Makarevich

  • sergey-nazriev

    Sergei Nazriev

Golden Knight

  • deti-voiny

    Children of War (Kinder des Krieges)


  • Prometheus LLC

  • All-Russian People’s Front

Valery Stavitsky

  • ovchinnikova

    Olga Ovchinnikova

  • kohanovskaia

    Victoria Kokhanovskaya

  • Peter Tolstoy

  • Dmitry Vasilenkov (Father Dmitry)

Sergei Klyuchenkov

  • Sergei Klyuchenkov

  • Anastasia Yelsukova

  • Alexander Goncharuk

  • Igor Mogilin

Surrender Instructions

  • How do you resist if you are an office worker under an occupation administration?

  • Why is it categorically impossible to obtain a Russian passport in the temporarily occupied territory?

  • How do you confront it if you are in a leadership position?

  • How do you resist if you are an employee of the authorities?

Through the efforts of volunteers of the information front“evocation.info” a database of collaborators, traitors and propagandists was created, which is filled with new information (dossier) about them every day.

All traitors will surely be held accountable for their crimes!

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This project was inspired by you, as there were many ideas, and a recent questionnaire helped us to focus on what is most important to you.

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📯 Kherson region;
📯 Zaporozhye region;
📯 Donetsk region;
📯 Lugansk region;
📯 Kharkov region;
📯 Crimea.

There will be spot announcements and news.

🦾 Every traitor and collaborator must be punished. To begin with – criminal liability, and then – as it goes.

All information received from you will be useful in the de-occupation of the territories.
For we, through your and our work together, will form the base of the aforementioned.

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