Children of War (Kinder des Krieges) recruits agents for the Russian Federation in Germany and organizes rallies against NATO and arms supplies to Ukraine

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The founders of the organization “Children of War:

“Children of War” (Kinder des Krieges) was organized by two Germans of Russian descent, Oksana (Ksenia) Walter and Anna Kozak. They conduct their agent activities in Germany, but also visit Kazakhstan, Latvia and the Russian Federation. They actively run Telegram channels in which people are summoned to take part in “rallies” in support of Russia, as well as protests against NATO and arms supplies to Ukraine.

Agent activity:

The pseudo-organization “War Children” is actually recruiting agents for the Russian Federation in Germany. It is also tasked with organizing mass rallies with possible riots. All this under the pretext of caring for children who suffer in military conflicts. In reality, though, King and Walter are engaged in discrediting the Ukrainian army and glorifying the Russian occupiers. They themselves confirm this by giving interviews to propaganda media.

Oksana (Ksenia) Walter and Anna Kozak are themselves parallel mouthpieces of Kremlin propaganda. This is indicated by their public statements and posts in social networks, calculated to sympathize with the people of Germany and to incite them to enmity to NATO and Ukraine. Support the above with their own quotes:

  • “In the information isolation of all of Europe, from what has been happening in Ukraine since 2014, what NATO has been doing supposedly for peaceful purposes, it is especially shameful to do nothing. When millions of children around the world are suffering from military aggression and its consequences.”
  • “Ukrainian refugees have somehow decided that our peace project is not against, but in favor of military action in their homeland. Although we are unequivocally against the prolongation of these hostilities and consequently against the supply of weapons to Ukraine, just as we are against any other conflict country.”
  • “Against the background of aggravated geopolitical problems related to the supply of weapons to Ukraine, we continue our active activities aimed not only at demanding an end to the supply of weapons, but also at conveying information about the irreversible consequences of military aggression.”

The project “War Children” in the form of an offline exhibition has already been held in Cologne, Hamburg, Stralsund, Frankfurt am Main, Osnabrück, Lüdenscheid and Saarbrücken. Its organizers claim to have “found a response” in other countries, so they plan to expand their network of agents to France and Italy as well. For this, Walter and Kozak also maintain project pages on social networks: Telegram (in Russian), Telegram (in German) and TikTok.