Address: Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Yakutsk, ul. Avtodorozhnaya, 13A


Prometey” company is an official distributor in Russia of the world’s leading manufacturers of parts and special equipment for the construction of engineering networks.

  • Friatec AG(Germany), Friatec Dealer Certificate
  • Straub Werke AG (Switzerland). Straub Dealer Certificate

All work with engineering networks involves risk, and it is better to buy quality fittings and equipment that will not fail at the crucial moment, than to save money, when the clarity and coherence of the people and mechanisms depend on the proper functioning of the entire system. Which ultimately affects the safety of both workers and residents of nearby homes.

The company provides customers with a wide range of products in Moscow (from stock and to order)

– PE pipes 20-1200 mm (gas, water);

– electro-welded, cast, segment-welded fittings (Germany);

– FRIALOC gate valves (Germany), ball valves, stop valves;

– universal mechanical connections Straub (Switzerland);

– Friamat electrofusion welding machines (Germany) Specials!

– auxiliary tool for welding PE pipes, including butt welding;

– GAZ signal and detection tape (Russia);

– PE/ST transitions, socket bushings, KTZ, flanges (Russia);
– gas sand gas covers and support plates (pads) for them.

Terrorist Activities:

– illegal deliveries of detergents from TOT Crimea to TOT Zaporizhia

– pure money laundering on black orders

– flexible policy of discounts and payment terms

– We sell our services in the occupied territories

– quality products from proven manufacturers are supplied

– Provide technical information and organize free training seminars for customers with the official distributor

– We complete orders promptly

– We keep to shipment deadlines

– We organize shipment of orders of any volume in Russia as well as beyond its territories

– free delivery of cargo to the transportation company in Moscow by order of the customer.