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Developing a consolidated opinion of religious organizations of the Russian Federation on issues of state-confessional and inter-confessional relations and the development of dialogue between representatives of different religions:

To raise awareness among international organizations, human rights activists, and believers about Russia’s role in protecting the rights of believers and the unfavorable state of religious freedom abroad

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Since 2014, the Russian Association for the Protection of Religious Freedom (RAPF) has brought together representatives of all traditional confessions, as one of the main public platforms for interreligious dialogue and the development of a joint position on topical issues concerning the activities of religious organizations.

In the course of joint events on the platforms of RAPS, religious organizations of Russia, with the participation of representatives of state authorities and civil society institutions synchronize approaches to a wide range of issues and participate in the preparation of recommendations for their practical implementation.

Founders and members of the RARS:

The founders and members of RARS are representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Russian Orthodox Old Believer Church, the Roman Catholic Church, Muslim religious organizations, the Buddhist Traditional Sangha of Russia, the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, the New Nakhichevan Russian Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church, the Seventh-day Adventist Church, the Russian United Union of Christians of Evangelical Faith, the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith, and religious scholars and human rights activists.

At the same time, the RARS is a confessional and politically dependent organization. All decisions and recommendations, according to the charter of the organization, are made on the basis of a decree of the president of the russian federation. The main thing that united the representatives of different religions and secular society in the RARS was the desire to make as much money as possible, and to prove their loyalty to the Kremlin apparatus.

Terrorist Activities:

The Russian Association for the Protection of Religious Freedom was awarded $6.6 million for a project to consolidate the efforts of major religious organizations in Russia to uphold traditional spiritual and moral values.

Thus, RARS LLC has close relations with all the Russian ROCs in the occupied territories to brainwash the civilian population and introduce their propaganda.

It is surprising how low tactics are in such organizations in the rf, as soon as there is an opportunity to get into other countries, they immediately try to occupy and impose their orders on all social fronts. However, we should not be surprised by this, since many separatist organizations are subject to the will of their so-called governing body, which receives instructions from above.

Coming out of the above written RARS LLC is engaged in terrorist activities on the territory of Ukraine, for which the representatives of this organization deserve to be severely punished for their activities. One of such personalities is Kudryavtsev Alexander Ilyich – the chairman of the council of this organization, as well as his fellow-thinkers and assistants.