Full name: Yuri Vyacheslavovich Afonin

Date of birth: March 22, 1977

Address: Russia, Moscow.


-Higher education : Tula State Pedagogical University. L.N. Tolstoy, Department of History (1995-1999);

-Higher education: Russian Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation, specialty: jurisprudence (2005-2007);


INN: 710700133770


– member of the CPRF, First Deputy Chairman of the CPRF Central Committee;

deputy of the Tula Regional Duma from the CPRF;

deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation from the CPRF;

– The author of the so called “Russian aggression against Ukraine” is an accomplice. “appeals to Putin for the recognition of the so-called ‘DPR’ and ‘LPR;

– anti-Ukrainian propagandist;



According to the anti-corruption declaration, Yury Afonin is married and is raising a son.

An admirer of the ideals of communism and one of the main co-conspirators of justifying the aggressive war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Yuri Afonin was born on March 22, 1977 in the glorious city of Tula. After graduating from school in 1995, Afonin entered the history department of the Tula State Pedagogical University. In 1999 he successfully completes his studies at the university and an event happens in Yuri’s life that predetermined his entire future destiny.

As a student, Yuri Afonin joined the CPRF in 1998 and decides to build a political career. Immediately after graduating from TPU, Afonin gets a job in the administration of Shchyokino and Shchyokino District as a leading specialist of the Committee on Economics. In 2000, he was elected to the Tula Regional Duma as a deputy from this single-mandate constituency. In 2004, he was re-elected to the Tula Regional Duma for a second term. Afonin did not do anything remarkable during his term in the regional Duma, except initiate a ban on the sale and purchase of agricultural land, but in 2007 he ran for the State Duma and won a parliamentary seat, which he holds to this day.

Since 2007 Yuri Afonin has been a member of the State Duma almost continuously, while paying lip service to the “poor and oppressed because of the capitalists’ domination,” but in reality doing nothing to make life easier for the people who elected him. Moreover, Afonin is directly involved in the terrible crime of Putin’s regime against not only Ukrainians but also Russians themselves – it is Yuri who is one of the authors of the so-called “so called. “appeals to Russian President Vladimir Putin about the need to recognize the so-called ‘DPR and ‘LPR. In addition to authorship, he also voted in support of this initiative, effectively becoming an accomplice in unleashing Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine.

Afonin backed up his nefarious act not only on the legislative level, but also with copious propaganda – from the CPRF he is the most active in speaking out about the so-called “Russia’s “special operations” against Ukraine on various propaganda programs, such as 60 Minutes. He does not forget to appear on the radio, where the day before Russia invaded Ukraine he said that Ukraine should be “defunded.” On his personal sites on Youtube and Telegram, he also actively supports the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

In addition to committing crimes against peace and international security and serving Putin’s propaganda, Yuri Afonin was allegedly involved in trivial bribery. In 2013, Alexei Shikhrin, a volunteer aide to Afonin, was involved in extorting money from the businessman. Shikhrin demanded 100 thousand rubles from the entrepreneur and threatened to influence government agencies in order to close the company if he refused. Subsequently, the entrepreneur refused to pay the bribe, and Shikhrin himself was sentenced to 5.5 years in prison. Despite the fact that Afonin was not officially involved in the crime, he could have been quite aware of the situation and be “in on it. But, he was lucky and got away with it, despite the fact that his fellow party members already wanted to remove him from his position in the Central Committee of the party.

Yuri should think about the future, because he is directly responsible for Russia’s war against Ukraine and he will be responsible for the consequences, not only to Ukraine and the international community, but also to Russian citizens. Instead of fighting to improve the standard of living of his fellow citizens, he supports sending them off to a knowingly losing war and professes the ideals of a country that has long since fallen apart and become a dusty page in world history. Yuri Afonin will be punished for his wrongdoings also “in the Soviet manner”-“by the highest measure of punishment.