Full name: Akhmed Makhmudovich Dudayev

Date of birth: 02.08.1987

Address: Russia, Chechnya, Grozny.


-Higher education : Grozny Petroleum Institute. Academician M. D. Millionshchikov (2004-2009);

-Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, specialty State and Municipal Management ( 2011-2013);


member of the political party “United Russia”, deputy secretary of the Chechen branch of the party for project activities;

Consultant-head of the Audio-Visual Information and Internet Sector of the IAU of the Head and the Government of the Chechen Republic.

Chief Consultant of the Agency of the Head and Government of the Chechen Republic;

Director of the Chechen State Television and Radio Company “Grozny”;

Head of the Department of Journalism of the Chelyabinsk State University;

Minister of National Policy, External Relations, Press and Information of the Chechen Republic ;

– anti-Ukrainian propagandist;



Married, raising three children.

Kadyrov’s chief sycophant and Chechen propagandist in the service of the Kremlin, Akhmed Dudayev, was born on August 2, 1987, in the mountain village of Duba-Yurt. Akhmed did not study in his native village, but in another, Chiri-Yurt, at secondary school No. 1. It is worth noting that Dudayev managed to survive two Chechen wars unharmed. There are very few details about Dudayev’s childhood at this time, which is not surprising, since many Chechen functionaries are careful to hide their “skeletons in the closet.

After finishing school in 2004, Akhmed Dudayev went to Grozny and enrolled at the Grozny Petroleum Institute. Academician M. D. Millionshchikov, which he successfully completed in 2009. Even before he graduated in 2008, Dudayev got a job at the Information and Analytical Department of the Head and Government of the Chechen Republic in the Media Planning, Monitoring and Analysis Sector. Some time later, he climbs the career ladder from an ordinary employee to Chief Consultant of the Information and Analytical Department of the Head and Government of the Chechen Republic and Head of the Sector of Video and Photography, Video Editing and Photo and Video Archive. In 2011, to improve his qualifications, Ahmed entered the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) to major in state and municipal management.

Some time later, Ramzan Kadyrov turned his attention to the young Dudayev and appointed him head of the Chechen state television and radio company Grozny, while Akhmed himself began to build a “personality cult” in Chechnya, becoming his unofficial press secretary. At the Grozny Chechen State Television and Radio Company, Dudayev’s main task was to control the information agenda in Chechnya and promote pro-Kremlin propaganda. In general, the “personality cult” of Kadyrov is a separate chapter in the life of Dudayev, who is constantly praising him, including in his telegram channel, becoming a mere sycophant of the “leader. Dudayev also oversees the proper “upbringing” of young Chechen journalists as head of the journalism department at the Chechen State University.

Praising Dudayev’s eulogy of Kadyrov, the latter appointed him Minister of National Policy, External Relations, Press and Information of the Chechen Republic. In this position he oversees the information field in Chechnya and cleans up even a hint of opposition activity and criticism of “Ramzan Akhmatich” himself. For example, he called Kadyrov’s critics “homeless, dishonest renegades who have settled in various foreign countries.

Like all Kadyrovites, he supported with both hands the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation on February 24, 2022. Moreover, Dudayev was directly in the combat zone in Donbass. At the same time, he was wearing a uniform without media identification marks, which suggests his participation in the combat operations of the Russian Federation against Ukraine in the role of a combatant. He also justified the active participation of Chechen formations in the war against Ukraine on the side of the Russian Federation, and called Ukrainian defenders “godless” and “followers of true evil.

Akhmed Dudayev also worked to improve interaction with VGTRK, Putin’s main propaganda pillar, and one of Russia’s main propagandists, Dmitry Kiselev, to whom Dudayev presented a letter of thanks with the wording “for objective coverage of social, economic and political events taking place in the Chechen Republic.”

Akhmed Dudayev probably thinks that the ridges of the Caucasus will protect him from a fair trial for his crimes, but he is mistaken. Because the real Chechens, who do not collaborate with the Russian Federation, know perfectly well what kind of a man he is and will do everything to make him account for his crimes before the Chechen, Ukrainian and Russian peoples. And Dudayev will face inevitable and cruel punishment.