Full name: Alexander Viktorovich Khokhlov

Date of birth: 19.05.1988

Address: Ukraine,Kherson region,Genichesk


– a former administrative officer;

– t.nz head of the branch of the multifunctional center of services in Genichesk;

– an accomplice of the Russian occupiers on the territory of Ukraine


Khokhlov Alexander Viktorovich – traitor of Ukraine and accomplice of Russian occupation troops was born in the city of Genichesk, Kherson region.

Alexander arranged his labor way in the mentioned locality, where he worked for a long period of time in the center of administrative services.But when the invasion of the occupying country began in Ukraine, Khokhlov momentarily forgot about patriotism and love for the country, for the people. Alexander Viktorovich has unexplainably defected to the side of the Rashists for what promised benefits.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

After пof a large-scaleinvasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation on February 24, 2022Alexander Khokhlov turned out to be a traitor to the Motherland and voluntarily went to cooperate with the occupation authorities of the Kherson region and was appointed to the position of “head of the Genichesk center of population services”, where he actively promotes the ideas of “of the Russian world“, conducts propaganda work among the population aimed at supporting the Russian occupiers, organized and coordinated the receipt of humanitarian Rashist aid.

Also, the state treasonist was engaged in some personnel work in the newly created occupation structure, because Khokhlov already has experience in maintaining documentation according to the standards, or rather according to the instructions of the Rashists. Helped locals to apply for Russian citizenship, as well as social benefits in rubles.

The collaborator was a participant in the pseudo-referendum and acted as a candidate of the Russian party “United Russia” for the occupation council of Genichesk.

Khokhlov Oleksandr Viktorovich is a traitor to the Motherland and a despicable collaborator, for which he will soon have to answer both to the law and to the people of Ukraine.