Александра Солина

Full name: Solina Alexandra Alexandrovna

Date of Birth: 26.02.1977


  • the head of the occupation Abrikosov village council;
  • head of the occupation administration of the Abrikosovskoye Rural Settlement;
  • an accomplice of the Russian occupation authorities, a collaborator;

Address: Ukraine, Crimea, Kirov district, Abrikosovka village, 3 Lenina str.


  • TIN: 910805806281


The information on collaborators is taken from an OSINT community investigation:


Solina Alexandra Alexandrovna – a state traitor who believed in the “Russian world” and “liberators”, was born in the village of Abrikosovka, Kirov district, Autonomous Republic of Crimea on February 26, 1977. In 1999 she graduated from the Crimean State Agrarian University.

After the invasion of the Russian occupiers, Alexandra began to support anti-Ukrainian sentiments and became an accomplice of the Rashists herself.

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

With the arrival of the pseudo-authorities and the occupation of Krim, the collaborator Solina joined the occupation structures of the Russian Federation operating on the territory of the occupied Crimean peninsula and was appointed as the head of the occupation administration of the Abrikosovskoye Rural Settlement and the head of the Abrikosovskoye Rural Council.

Now state traitor Alexandra Solina provides direct assistance to the occupation structures and actively performs organizational and administrative functions on behalf of the occupation authorities.

Solina actively helps the occupation authorities to identify pro-Ukrainian residents of the village of Abrikosivka. She regularly receives “rewards” from the local police officers.

For such traitors as Alexander Solin should be applied capital punishment for high treason and complicity with Russian occupants it will certainly come. It’s only a matter of time.