Full name: Alexey Valeryevich Kulemzin

Date of Birth: 13.06.1974


– head of the occupation administration of Donetsk;

– an enabler of the “Russian world“, a collaborator.

Address: Ukraine, Donetsk region, Donetsk, 98, Artyoma str.


  • TIN: 611906014550



Kulemzin Alexei Valeryevich – a state traitor who believed in the “Russian world” and “liberators”, was born on June 13, 1974 in Donetsk.

He started his labor activity in 1989. In 1997, he graduated from Donetsk State University with a degree in economics and production management, earning a diploma in economics. In 2000, he completed his studies at Donetsk State Technical University, specializing in public service.

From May 1998 to 2014, he worked in the Donetsk Regional State Administration. In the period from 2007 to 2010 he was the Head of the Department of Foreign Economic Relations and European Integration of Donetsk OSA, and from 2011 to 2013 he was the Deputy Head of the Main Department of Regional Development, Investment Attraction and Foreign Economic Relations of Donetsk OSA. In 2011, he defended his PhD thesis in economics.

After the invasion of the Russian occupiers, Alexei began to support anti-Ukrainian sentiments and himself became an accomplice of the Rashists..

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

After Russian occupation troops entered Donetsk region, Kulemzin committed high treason and voluntarily went to “cooperate” with the Russian occupiers.

In November 2014, he was appointed director of the Donetsk utility Donelectroavtotrans.

In September 2015, he was elected as a deputy to the People’s Council of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic and became a member of the Donetsk Republic public movement.

On October 17, 2016, the head of the non-state Alexander Zakharchenko appointed Kulemzin as acting head of the Donetsk administration. In May 2019, he was confirmed as the head of the occupation administration of Donetsk on a permanent basis.

The collaborator deliberately, by his own convictions and staunch pro-Russian views, went over to the side of the enemy. Such activity can be regarded as an attempt on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state, defection to the enemy under martial law and during an armed conflict, voluntary occupation of a position in the occupation structures, cooperation with the Russian occupiers and similar actions.

Having considered all the above facts it can be concluded that Kulemzin Alexey Valerievich is an accomplice of Russian war criminals and occupants and an accomplice of the crimes of the Russian authorities against Ukraine and its citizens.

For such traitors as Alexei Kulemzin should be applied the highest measure of restraint for high treason and complicity with the Russian occupants it will certainly come. It’s only a matter of time.