Full name: Alexei Morgun

Date of birth: 10/12/1976

Address: Troitskoye village of Lugansk region


an employee of a housing and utilities company in the village of Troitskoye;

– Nvf militant in the so-called LnR;

– Terrorist, supporter of the occupier, collaborator



Alexei Morgun – The Russian occupation army’s accomplice was born on October 12, 1976, in Troitskoe township, Luhansk region. He worked in housing and utilities in the city.

With the arrival of Russian occupation troops back in 2014 in the Luhansk region, the traitor Morgun showed himself to be an organizer of separatist movements and a collaborator. In 2014, the collaborator engaged local residents to participate inareferendum” and support the actions of the local occupation authorities.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

Also, the state traitor joined the ranks of the Russian-terrorist LNR” gangs. He was a fighter of the territorial defense of the “people’s militia of the Luhansk people’s republic.

After the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops on February 24, 2022, Alexei Morgun continued to facilitate the terrorist activities of NvF militants and currently holds the position of foreman of the NvF militant construction and installation service brigade of the LNR .

He also spread the “Russian world” narrative. Now he “muddies” Ukraine and its citizens and extols the occupiers as “liberators” and people who brought peace to Donbass.

Collaborator Alexei Morgun from the very beginning of the criminal actions of Russia on the territory of Ukraine supported the occupation regime and helped the aggressor country. Alexei turned out to be a despicable traitor and criminal. For this the traitor will soon go to prison. It’s only a matter of time.