Full name: Trokay Alyona Andreevna

Date of birth: 02.04.1986

Occupation.Collaborator, traitor to Ukraine

Place of residence:

  • Ukraine, Zaporozhye region, Melitopol, Kostenko str. 100
  • Ukraine, Zaporozhye region, Melitopol, street Kazartseva, 4


  • Passport (Ukr): CB 809089
  • TIN (Ukr): 3150312723


[email protected]


Husband: Pushkar Yuri Vasilyevich.

Date of birth: September 17, 1984

TIN (Ukr): 3094111058

Phone: +79789445416

Lover: Rumyantsev Gennady Gennadievich

Date of birth: July 16, 1991

TIN (Ukr): 3343414095

Phone: +380963922736

Sister: Maria Andreevna Trokay

Date of birth: 04.04.1991

TIN (rus): 860337196992

TIN (Ukr): 3333103485


[email protected]

Biography of Alena Trokai

Alyona Trokai was born on April 2, 1986. She lived at 100 Kostenko Street in Melitopol. She calls herself a Karaite. The Karaites are an indigenous Turkic people who live in the Crimea. Alena learned to sing and dance, which she has done for most of her life. That’s how she met her husband, Yuri Pushkar, also a musician, whom she married at a fairly young age.

This family became famous for their participation in the reality show “Changing Wives” a couple of years ago. “We say ‘sunshine’, ‘pussycat’, ‘good morning, kitty cat’ to each other every morning.Alena told me about her relationship with her husband. But despite Trokai’s “sweet” words, the writers of the reality show already saw her as a tough dictator.

Before betraying Ukraine, Alena Trokay was professionally depilation as well as financial scams. Her husband helped her with the latter.

Recently, Alyona Trokai got a lover, with whom she entertains herself during the absence of her husband. This became known from intercepted telephone conversations published on the network. Alena Trokai’s lover was 31-year-old Gennady Rumyantsev from Melitopol district. Before the full-scale invasion, he worked in the fish patrol and called russia “brother.” After the capture of Melitopol, Rumyantsev took a job in the occupation administration. Or, more precisely, to her power organs. Of course, thanks to the lover’s connections.

Alena Trokai: Collaborationism

Around January 2022, Alena Trokay joined the territorial defense of Melitopol. And after the occupation of the city, it immediately began cooperating with Russian terrorists.

She joined the so-called “public order” organization and surrendered pro-Ukrainian population as well as positions of AFU fighters to the occupiers. This information she passed on to her father, 60-year-old Andrei Trokay. During the Maidan in 2014, he was the coordinator of the “Russian Spring” in Melitopol. Then he escaped to occupied Crimea and maintains contacts with Russian special services.

Alena Trokai’s intercepted conversations vividly demonstrate her unscrupulousness in pursuing her selfish goals. In fact, she framed her father-in-law from Zaporizhzhya, Vasily Pushkar, forcing him to collect and pass on information about the Ukrainian military.

The Security Service of Ukraine published intercepted conversations between Alena Trokay and her husband and father-in-law. According to these intercepts, Alyona asked her husband to make her father gather information about the AFU. To which Yuri Pushkar told her that her father “doesn’t boom-boom on the phone. “Boom-boom, no fucking boom-boom, I don’t give a fuck. It’s fucking hard. It’s not fucking hard! I’d go myself if they’d let me.”Alyona answered her husband.

In court, Alena Trokai’s father-in-law admitted that his sister-in-law pressured him. “
And when my sister-in-law started pressuring me, quite accidentally I named the point where the AFU units were”.
He said. As a result, the court sentenced him to 15 years in prison for treason.

For her part, things got much better for Alena Trokai after her father-in-law’s arrest. She performed on Red Square in Moscow and took part in an all-Russian vocal competition. Also under the occupiers, she headed the children’s organization “Movement of the First” and was allowed to run in fake elections from the “United Russia” party.