Full name: Faustov Alexey Georgievich

Date of birth: April 16, 1966

Place of birth: Nikolayevskaya oblast, Schaslivka village

Address of residence: Kherson region, Chaplynka district, urban-type settlement Chaplynka, Grushevskogo street 51

Marital status: married


  • Nikolaev Pedagogical Institute;
  • Legal education

DRFO code: 2421223956

Mobile number: +380509857567

Occupation: Head of the Chaplin settlement council, accommodates occupation troops, donates a share of the Chaplin settlement council’s products to Russian troops


Life’s journey:

He did his military service in the Border Troops, after which he was sent to Afghanistan.

After returning from the army, he went to the institute, where he met his future wife Victoria. After graduating from the institute, fate sent the newlyweds to work in the Kherson region, in the urban village of Chaplynka, where Alexei’s wife was from. Due to financial difficulties, but received in the right place the right offer Alexei Georgievich decides to go to work in the internal affairs, was engaged in the education of teenagers in the children’s room of the police. Already by the age of 43, he was eligible to retire as head of the district police department.

In 2010, he was elected head of the Chaplinsky Village Council.

In 2020, he ran in the first election of deputies to the Chaplinsky Village Council of Kakhovsky district from the political party “Servant of the People”.

Occupation of the Kherson region:

The Russian occupation of the Kherson region took place during the first days of the violent confrontation. Chaplynka, a settlement located at “arm’s length” from Crimea, was seized with lightning speed in the first hours of a surprise blitzkrieg.

The local population of Chaplynka did not want to see the Russian tricolor on their land, as a sign of which they repeatedly removed it.

Alexei Georgievich once announced the termination of the powers of the Chaplin Village Council due to illness, But the very next day he decided to continue his duties as head of the Chaplinsky village council referring to the fact that he could not leave people in such a difficult period and promised to hand over his powers as soon as a new candidate for his position was found.

The question remains open as to who Alexei sees as the head of the Chaplinsky council and why he continues to assist the occupiers, given his hard way of life, where he has always achieved everything with his own efforts.