Full name: Borovkov Alexander Anatolievich

Date of birth: 10.10.1962

Alias: Merchant

Place of birth: Donetsk region, Starobeshevo district, Razdolnoye village

Places of residence:

Zaporozhye region, city of Berdyansk

  • ul. 158 Pionerskaya St., apt. 65;
  • ul. Taganrogskaya 21, sq. 33;
  • ul. 141 Bogun St.

Education: Zaporozhye State Pedagogical Institute

Identification number: 2292816216

Mobile numbers: +380509421569, +380966534263, +380966534261

Occupation: t. n. an employee of the department of culture at the occupation administration of Berdyansk, is being considered for the position of head of the Berdyansk district.


Labor Path:

Rural school teacher;

He was head of the district commissariat of the Komsomol;

Inspector at Customs;

2010 – Director of LLC Donprod-service;

2015 – founder of Azovprod-service LLC;

2018 – Founder of Berdyansk Management Company LLC;


  • deputy self-proclaimed mayor of Berdyansk;
  • tn employee. of the Department of Culture under the occupation administration of Berdyansk.

The Political Way:

2001 – deputy of the Zaporozhye Regional Council of the 6th convocation;

2012 – candidate for the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from
“communist party”.

2013 – member of the
“Communist Party.”
Ukraine; member of the Standing Committee on Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship;

2014 – candidate for the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from

“communist party”.


2020 – Deputy Mayor of Berdyansk.

Collaborationist activities:

In 2012, while running for the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from
“communist party”.
stated that power in Ukraine belongs to the capitalists, so only those who have money and who can afford to acquire the so-called “levers of influence” in the authorities can survive.

Beginning in 2014, he supported Crimea’s incorporation into the Russian Federation and was one of those who took part in the anti-Maidan.

In 2021 he expressed his reluctance to name one of the streets of Berdyansk after the politician Stepan Bandera.

He defected to the occupant even before the beginning of the large-scale aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, was well aware of the anticipated dates of the attack, so he “prepared the ground” and created a coalition of traitors and those who do not want to work in the state authorities of Ukraine.

During the occupation of the city he managed to establish contacts with representatives of the FSB of the Russian Federation. He carried out propaganda activities to establish contacts with the pro-Ukrainian population and tried to enlist their support in order to further discredit the military and political leadership of Ukraine.

Passed information to FSS officers about residents and those who do not plan to cooperate and work for the Russian Federation. Conducted informational activities to expand the ideas and views of the “Russian world.

Cooperating with the pseudo-power, he made proposals regarding the pro-Russian population, namely: priority receipt of humanitarian aid, the opportunity to go to the territory of Crimea or the frontline regions of the Russian Federation bordering Ukraine, and the provision of positions in key positions in the executive and legislative branches of government.

He was engaged in falsification of documents, in order to export agricultural machinery and crops.