Full name: Bozhkov Alexander Andreevich

Date of birth: 02.03.1950

Marital status: married

Place of birth: Kharkiv region, Chuguevsky district, Novopokrovka urban settlement

Places of residence:

Izyum, 22 Frunze St., bldg. 9, Kharkov region;

Kharkov region, Izyum, 16 Sobornaya Street, kv 52;

28 Petrukovicha Street, Izyum, Kharkiv region;

Higher education: Kharkov Medical Institute, specialty: medical business

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine: MK671715, VL839375

Identification number: 1832300932

Driver’s license: AXB097715, CAA026013, CAA094779

Personal car: DAIMLER-BENZ

Car number: 27770XA

Alias: Sasha Berkut

Mobile numbers: +380677642070, +380501006084, +380574321009, +380574324094, +380509089500, +380574321124

Occupation: an employee of Izyum City Hospital, considered for the position of t.v. Mayor of Izyum

The Political Way:

2002-2009 – deputy of Izyum City Council of the 4th and 5th convocations;

2009 – Executive Committee of Izyum City Council – Chairman of Izyum City Council Executive Committee;

2010 – Mayor of Izyum from
“party of regions”.

2014 – member of Izyum city organization from the “party of regions;

2015 – deputy of Izyum city council of the 7th convocation from the political party
“Our Land.”

– ran for the Izyum city council of the 8th convocation from the political party

“Our land”.


Labor Path:

1967-1968 – Apprentice electrician, electrician at the Kharkov Machine-Tool Plant;

1974-1975 – doctor-intern in the surgical department of the A.V. Lomonosov Hospital. V.I. Lenin in the city of Kharkov;

1975-1980 – surgical resident at the surgical department of Izyum Central District Hospital;

1980 – a surgeon at the surgical department of the Izyum Central District Hospital;

1986-1987 – Head of the surgical department of Izyum central district hospital;

2003 – Head of the surgical department of Izyum Central Regional Hospital;

2003-2006 – Head of the Health Protection Department of Izyum District Municipal Administration;

2006-2009 – Deputy Mayor of Izyum on education, health and social protection;

2022 – an employee of Izyum Central City Hospital.

Collaborator activities

It propagandizes about the good intentions of the “Russian world” and continues to use the now outdated thesis that the political leadership of Ukraine has made a firm decision to surrender Kharkiv and the Kharkiv region to the occupants as soon as possible to stop the fighting and save the other frontline regions.

He spreads fake information that since the first days of the war, the president of Ukraine decided to surrender Kiev, where a puppet government would be installed in key positions in the Ukrainian government, and the Ukrainian people would be enslaved for years to come.

Along with other collaborators in the city administration, he distributes data on the location of Ukrainian Armed Forces positions, the movement of equipment, personal data of leaders, officials, businessmen and close friends (acquaintances) of those who did not want to defect to the occupier and continue their resistance.

He is engaged in building “bridges” with the occupying power of the Russian Federation. Having a medical background, he continues to provide assistance to injured civilians, but at the same time engages propaganda TV channels and agencies to discredit the Armed Forces of Ukraine, where he portrays them as the main antagonists of the shelling.

It cooperates with medical personnel of the Russian Armed Forces to treat victims of attacks from Ukraine.

Repeatedly claimed that the Armed Forces of Ukraine were shelling not only civilian infrastructure, but also places where civilians congregate when they receive humanitarian aid.

He stated that Ukraine had brought the city to a humanitarian catastrophe and continued to obstruct the good intentions of the Russian Federation in providing both material support in the amount of 10,000 rubles and the supply of all necessary food and household items.