Full name: Dudukin Alexander Alexandrovich

Date of birth: 11/13/1990

Passport: 4010 193971, issued by TP №5 of the Department of the Ufms of Russia in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. in Vasileostrovsky district on 12.02.2011

Place of birth: Russia, Stavropol

Address: Stavropol Territory, Nevinnomyssk, Gagarina Street 7, apt. 109.

56 Bolshoy Prospekt Vasilevskogo Ostrov, 56, kv. 85, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Ukraine, Sevastopol, Mokrousova Street, 7, sq. 10.

Phone: +79119705428

Occupation:Commander of the submarine B-262 “Stary Oskol” of theRussianBlack Sea Fleet .

Marital status:
Married, with a daughter.


Wife: Tatyana Sergeevna Dudukina (Sokovikova)

Date of birth: 19.11.1991

Passport: 0914 386458 issued by the Department of the Ufms of Russia in Sevastopol in

Gagarinsky District on May 16, 2019.

INN: 430706938007

Address: Russia, St. Petersburg, Bolshoy Prospekt Vasilievsky Island, 56, sq. 85.

Ukraine, Sevastopol, Mokrousova Street, 7, sq. 10.

Mail: [email protected]

Cell phone:

+79817641553, +79117367634, +79254961119, +79782510717, +79117367632, +79125702141

Mail: [email protected]

Wife’s contacts:

Brother: Odyssey Alexandrovich Dudukin

Date of birth: April 10, 1981

INN: 2968508852.

Address: Ukraine, Donetsk region, Mariupol, Novorossiyskaya street, 26, sq.84;

Ukraine, Donetsk region, Mariupol, Krasnoflotskaya street, 165A;

Ukraine, Kiev, Mate Zalka str. 6B, sq.164;

Ukraine, Kiev, ul. Arkhipenka Oleksandr, 6B, kv.164.

Brother’s contacts:


Terrorist Aleksandrov Dudukin was born on November 13, 1990 in the city of Stavropol. Served in the Russian Navy.

In August 2021 he was appointed commander of the submarine B-262 “

Stary Oskol


Before being assigned to the submarine Stary Oskol” served senior mate of the submarineNovorossiyskwith the rank of senior lieutenant. lieutenant.

With time the rank as well as length of service grows, with a transfer to another submarine Alexander received the rank of lieutenant-captain.

Thanks to his knowledge and experience, Alexander reached the heights of his service, and was already able to give his own orders for bombing from the sea toward the independent territories of Ukraine.

The thirty-two-year-old murderer, a lieutenant commander in the 4th Independent Submarine Brigade of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, has hundreds of deaths of Ukrainian civilians under his belt.

It was he who made the decision to launch missiles from a submarine against the “peaceful infrastructure” of Ukraine. He is not even aware of these sins because he thinks he is shooting at “military” targets.

Alexander’s wife fully supports her bloody husband. In peacetime, she works as a manicurist. After moving to Sevastopol worked in the beauty salon “Zazerkalye”.

July 19, 2022 Dudukina founded a company selling children’s clothing, Fuzi-Wuzi. Yourself the brand is called Baby House. While her husband is on a voyage, Dudukina Tatiana opens her own business, apparently this is true love.

Alexander brought mass murder of civilians in Ukraine.

Alexander also has a young daughter Victoria. When she grows up and learns about her father’s actions, she is unlikely to want to communicate with him.