Full name: Goncharov Alexander Nikolayevich

Date of birth: 03.07.1971

Place of birth: Lugansk region, Starobelsk district, Starobelsk

Places of residence:

Lugansk region, Starobelsky district, Starobelsk

  • ul. Proletarskaya St., 1A;
  • ul. Kievskaya, 15;
  • New Alley, d. 6

Identification number: 2611603332

Mobile number: +380506144179

Occupation: t.n. An employee of the Starobel district state administration


Labor/political activities:

2010-2015– Mayor of Starobelsk. Starobelsk;

2012 – Mayor of Starobel Executive Committee;

2015 – Mayor of Starobel Executive Committee;


  • Acting District State Administration;
  • an employee of the Starobel district state administration;
  • Acting deputy head of the t.n. The administration of the Starobel district of the LNR;
  • the head of the Starobel city administration.

Collaborationist activities:

Engaged in falsification of documents. He has been caught in a case of falsification of a higher education document. Repeatedly during his labor and political activities, he submitted a fake document.

In March 2022 he defected to the side of the occupier, and was soon appointed to the position of the so-called the head of the Starobel city administration.

Assisted the occupation troops in providing places for temporary deployment, also handed over places of possible deployment of Ukrainian armed forces.

He discredited the Armed Forces of Ukraine, claiming that back in 2014, Aidar battalion fighters were shelling civilian infrastructure. He assured that there were cases when members of the Aidar battalion participated in the abuse of civilians.

He supports the denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine and believes that a puppet government should be established in Kiev.