Full name: Gvozderov Alexander Alexandrovich

Rank: Senior Lieutenant

Duty station: Southern Military District.

Awards: Order of Courage for participation in “SVO” (2022)

Place of residence: Shumerlya, Chuvash Republic

Family: Father: Alexander Gvozderov, owner of a farm in the Shumerlinsky District.


Biography: Graduated from the school in the Torkhan rural settlement (Chuvash Republic) in 2012.

Senior Lieutenant Alexander Alexandrovich Gvozderov graduated from the school in Torkhansky Rural Settlement (Chuvash Republic) in 2012. Then he joined the army, where he probably studied to be a combat helicopter pilot. Judging by the photos in social networks, he serves in the Navy Air Corps or the Marines. He was awarded the Order of Courage for his participation in the “special military operation”. Gvozderov lives in Shumerlya, Chuvash Republic, where his father owns a farm.