Full name: Kononenko Alexander Vladimirovich

Date of birth: 19.01.1960

Address: Ukraine,Kherson


– pensioner with pro-Russian views;

– an accomplice of the Russian occupation troops;

– traitor, collaborator


Kononenko Alexander, a traitor to his homeland and collaborator of the Russian occupiers, was born in the city of Kherson. Alexander built his entire working life in Ukraine, but at his old age he believed intheRussian world” and supported Putin’s policies.

Alexander Kononenko turned out to be a traitor and an accompliceof theRussian world. Even before February 24, 2022, Grandpa showed his pro-Russian views and supported the creation oftheindependent republicsof the LNRand DnR.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

Alexander Vladimirovich has clear pro-Russian views and is nostalgic for the USSR and communism. It promotes Russian peace, and supports occupation and armed aggression by the aggressor country. Disseminates pro-Russian narratives about “Nazism” in Ukraine.

The collaborator was also seen carrying out separatist activities and participated in anti-Ukrainian rallies, and supported the arrival of “liberators” in the Kherson region.

The traitor supports the Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine. He supported the collection of humanitarian aid for Russian servicemen and urged local residents to support the actions of the occupation authorities.

Thus, the collaborator, who cruelly betrayed Ukraine after so many years of living in it, will receive a just punishment for supporting the actions of the aggressor state. He will certainly answer to the law for his pro-Russian stance.