Full Name: Alexander Pavlovich Lapin

Date of birth: 01.01.1964

Occupation: Commander of GW “North”, war criminal

Places of residence:

  • г. Moscow, Ruzheyny lane, 3, sq. 205
  • Orenburg region, Orenburg, 59, Rybakovskaya str.
  • Novosibirsk region, Novosibirsk, 37, Dmitry Shamshurin str.


  • passport: 1808233282
  • TIN: 344407793386
  • SNILS: 13301155694


  • 2018 Land Cruiser 200, license plate number M177EEE797



Wife: Lapina Reseda Vazikhovna

Date of birth: 20.12.1963

Passport: 1808233281

TIN: 344407933322


Email: [email protected]


  • rezeda-lapina
  • rezedalapina

Son: Denis Lapin

Date of birth: 23.01.1986

Passport: 1805750538

TIN: 344407116754

SNILS: 18012057825


[email protected]

Daughter-in-law: Lapina (Shatilova) Anastasia Viktorovna

Date of birth: 05.10.1988


Email: [email protected]

In-laws: Elena Shatilova

Date of birth: 22.09.1964

Biography of Alexander Lapin

Alexander Lapin was born January 1, 1964 in Kazan. After graduating from high school, he studied at the Kazan Institute of Chemical Technology. From 1982 to 1984, he served in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Then he entered the Kazan Tank Command School, from which he graduated in 1988.

In 1997, Alexander Lapin graduated from the Malinovsky Military Academy of Armored Forces. Mr. Lapin graduated from the Military Academy of the General Staff of the Federal Security Service in 2009. After graduating from the academy, he served in various units in leadership positions: from battalion commander to commander of troops of the military district.

Alexander Lapin: war crimes

Lapin personally led the grouping of rf troops that bombed Syria in 2017-2019. During the rf invasion of ukraine in 2022, he commanded the russian central military district. While in this position, he awarded the Zhukov Medal to his own son, who led an unsuccessful offensive on Sumy and Chernigov. The media noted that the television story about the award came out during the retreat of Russian troops from these regions.

In the summer of 2022, Putin awarded Lapin a rf “hero” for the alleged occupation of Lysychansk. And already in the fall, Putin’s puppet Ramzan Kadyrov accused Lapin in extremely harsh terms of the retreat of Russian troops from Liman, calling him a “talentless man.”

Armed forces fighters said that Lapin threatened to kill them while trying to force soldiers who had fled from shelling to return to their positions near Liman.

At the end of 2022, the Kremlin dictator removed Alexander Lapin from his position, but in 2023 it was reported that he was again involved in the invasion of Ukraine. In particular, it was spotted in Belgorod region of rf, which borders Kharkiv region.

2024, in April, it became known about the creation of the Rashist group of troops “North”, which was headed by Alexander Lapin. It is based in the Kursk, Bryansk and Belgorod regions of rf. Lapin is on the UK, Canada and EU sanctions lists (In 2022-2023).

Alexander Lapin’s family

Married, he has a son Denis, born in 1986, who by 2022 had become a lieutenant colonel and commander of the 1st Guards Tank Regiment of the 2nd Guards Motorized Rifle Division.