Full name: Mordasov Alexander Valeryevich

Date of birth: December 3, 1989

Address: Ukraine, Lugansk region,Schastensky district,Novoaidar, Telmana lane,2B


-The Russian occupier;

-Coordinator of the “Novoaidar Administration” on humanitarian issues;

– head of the department of life activity” Novoaidar



An official in the power oftheLuhansk people’s republic” – Mordasov Aleksandr Valerievich was born in Luhansk region. He was born in Novoaidar, graduated from high school there, and then went to Luhansk Machine-Building University. В. Dahl . After that, he came home and got married. He has a daughter, Anna.

Mordasov has long shown his commitment to the “Russian world” since the beginning of the illegal invasion of Ukrainian territory by Russian occupation troops in 2014. The “LNR” pseudo-powers position Alexander Valeryevich as a “professional manager of the municipal sphere.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

With the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation, the collaborator Aleksandr Mordasov holds the position of “head of the department of vital activities” in Novoaidar. In addition to his main “position,” the traitor works as the coordinator of the “Novoaidar administration” on humanitarian issues. Alexander Mordasov, head of Novoaidar’s Department of Life Activities, is an avid participant in propaganda shows. The collaborator told theLuhansk 24TV channel about providing humanitarian aid to local residents in need, as well as about supplying soldiers who take part in the “svo.

The traitor actively participates in all activities organized by the occupiers. Thus, Alexander Mordasov received aid from Tambov, and stressed that “the second batch of humanitarian cargo arrived, which contains about 50 tons of everything – it’s food, it’s things, and building materials.

Mordasov Aleksandr Valeryevich will have to answer in court for betraying his homeland and violating the laws of Ukraine, because punishment is inevitable for such unlawful actions.