Full name: Morev Alexander Vladimirovich

Date of birth: October 26, 1970

INN: 2586614396

Place of birth: Ukraine, Luhansk region, Lisichansk

Address: Lugansk region, Severodonetsk, Kurchatov Street, 1/9;

Luhansk region, Severodonetsk, Kurchatova str. 5/56;

Luhansk region, Severodonetsk, Gvardeysky Ave, 48/6;

Phone: +380505981725


– retired MIA officer wanted.


Collaborationist activities:

Betrayer Morev Aleksandr Vladimirovich was born on October 26, 1970 in the city of Lisichansk.

After a cheerful childhood and an equally cheerful youth, Alexander decided on a profession for life, choosing Morev to become an arm of law enforcement. As the years went by, seniority dripped, so did Alexander’s experience. Alexander began to take more and more bribes, and the cases were closed even more inconspicuously.

At the first opportunity to betray Ukraine and start working for the occupiers, Morev agreed. He was as quiet as the grass, as soon as the Security Service of Ukraine became interested in him. On 09.09.2014, Alexander went missing in Severodonetsk.

According to preliminary data, Alexander is hiding in Moscow and Sevastopol. As soon as the SBU finds the missing retired “good luck” of the Interior Ministry, he will be jailed until the end of his militia pension.