Full name: Alexander Ponomarev

Date of birth: 01.01.1957

INN: 2082008811

Phone: +380954601985

Address: Ukraine, Kherson region, Genicheskiy district, s.Strelkovoye, Primorskaya str., 87


– ex-chairman of the Strelkovka village council;

– organizer of a pseudo-referendum on the territory of the Kherson region;

– an accomplice of the Russian occupation troops since the beginning of the full-scale invasion;

– 1st Secretary of the Genicheskiy District Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation


Alexander Ponomarev, a representative of the local government in the Kherson region, who for years has been building the capacity of an accomplice oftheRussian world,” was born on the territory of the Russian Federation in the Altai Territory.

He began his career back in the 1980s as secretary of the Novokakhovsky Komsomol City Committee. Then he worked in the party committee of the Sokol instrument-making plant. For a while I was even head of the plant, but at that time the enterprise was already falling apart.

In 2000, Ponomarev ran for mayor of New Kakhovka and lost to Kherson official Alexander Lukyanenko. Subsequently, Alexander became director of the factory recreation center in Strelkovo, which the company he previously headed had sold to a private entity. Then Alexander Ponomarev went into local politics and was twice elected village chairman.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

In March 2014, when the Russian Federation illegally invaded the territory of Ukraine, the then chairman of the Strelkovsky village council, Aleksandr Ponomarev, supported the aggressive policy of the rf regarding the occupation of Ukrainian territories. A local official was repeatedly accused of separatism during the events in Crimea in 2014 because his actions were aimed at assisting the occupation regime.

The day before the “referendum” on the status of the peninsula – March 15, 2014 – a Russian landing force landed in the northern part of the village of Strelkovoye. Then Ukrainian troops set up a roadblock nearby. As a reaction to the emergency situation, Village Chairman Alexander Ponomarev urgently called an extraordinary session, at which he proposed that the deputies move the Ukrainian checkpoint almost three kilometers closer to the village. With his blatant decision, the official allowed the Russian military to occupy an additional area of Strelkovo.

Collaborationist activities after a full-scale invasion:

Such actions can be called nothing else but assistance to the aggressor country and dissemination of the ideas of the “Russian world” on the territory of Ukraine. Collaborator Alexander Ponomariov’s pro-Russian policies gained momentum afterthe full-scaleinvasion of the Kherson region by Russian invaders in 2022.

With the invasion of the Kherson region by the Rashists , Alexander Ponomarev decided to build his political career in the ranks of the occupation authorities. The local official was among those who were “in the first ranks” to voluntarily collaborate with the occupiers and began working in the self-government bodies of the occupation authorities. The Russian occupants appointed a collaborator as the head of the so-called “public council” of the Genichesk district.

Present at one of the forums held by the collaborators and occupants in the city of Genichesk in August 2022, Alexander Ponomarev actively talked about preparations for a pseudo-referendum on the incorporation of the Kherson region into Russia.

The local traitor skillfully manipulated well-known narratives and emphasized that this was the land of “brotherly peoples” and that the results of the “referendum” would surely be satisfactory.

Communist Activities:

Another “political achievement” of the ex-chairman of the Strelkovsky village council was his membership in the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

Recently, Alexander Ponomarev has been the 1st secretary of the Genichesky district committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. His grandfather is so nostalgic for the Soviet Union that in 2015, when “Ukrainian Nazis” dismantled a monument to “the leader of the proletariat” Lenin in Kherson, Ponomarev saved the head of the creator of socialism by hiding it in his home.

Now Alexander Ponomarev continues to serve the Russian occupiers and actively participates in all events organized by the occupiers. Ponomarev was also present during Putin’s speech about “joining” the Kherson region to Russia.

The ex-chairman of the Strelkovsky Village Council, Alexander Ponomarev, should remember that sooner or later no one wants traitors. And for the damage done to the homeland and the blatant betrayal of the Ukrainian people, retribution will surely come, because cooperation with an aggressor country cannot be forgiven.