Full name: Sharpaty Alexander Anatolievich

Date of birth: 11/14/1983

Passport: VS191565

INN: 3063311479

Address: Ukraine s.Egorovka, Volnovakha district, Donetsk region, str. Jubilee, 5


– private entrepreneur;

– An accomplice of the occupier, a collaborator.

Traitor of the Motherland Alexander Anatolievich Sharpaty was born on November 14, 1983 in the village of Yegorovka, Volnovakha district of Donetsk region.

Since 2011, Alexander Anatolievich has owned a small business. Has 2 retail stores selling groceries and small household items.

After the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian occupation troops on February 24, 2022, the traitor Alexander Sharpaty voluntarily began to “serve” and help the enemy.

The collaborator assisted the “local administration” in the organization of public order. Sergei also worked closely with so-called humanitarian aid suppliers to the Russian Armed Forces.

The traitor repeatedly organized humanitarian aid in the form of food kits from his stores for the occupiers and incited local residents to help the occupying troops and “prevent local resistance” to the actions of the local administration.

For his cooperation with the Russian aggressor, the state traitor Sharpatoy Alexander Anatolievich will spend a fair time behind bars, which he certainly deserves.