Full name: Alexander Marlenovich Sverbilov

Date of birth: November 14, 1967

Place of birth and address of residence: Ukraine, Kherson region, Novotroitskoye settlement, 8 Marta street, 4.

TIN: 2478907219
Passport: MO 111905

Driver’s license: VHT 137686

Contacts: +380978333205


Wife – Sverbilova Lilia Sergeevna, 30.03.1964.

Place of birth: Marhamat, Uzbekistan

Daughter– Anna Alexandrovna Sverbilova, 24.05.1992


– paramedic in “Novotroitsk Central Hospital” of Novotroitsk Settlement Council of Genicheskiy District, Kherson Oblast;

– former head of a medical station in one of the Lviv units of the Ministry of Emergency Situations;

– member of the communist party of rf;

– “head of t.nz election commission” in Novotroitskoye settlement



The abettor of the Rashist illegal actions and the participant of the fake voting process in the temporarily occupied territories of Kherson region – Sverbilov Alexander Marlenovich was born in the specified locality on November 14, 1967.

Alexander Marlenovich Sverbilov is 55 years old. She has a medical degree. He worked for 20 years as a paramedic in Novotroitsk District Hospital, and then was head of a medical station in one of the Lviv units of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Married, with a daughter. His wife Lilia Sergeevna, held a position in the Department of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports of the Novotroitsk District State Administration. Daughter – Anna, graduated from Vernadsky Tavria National University in 2013.

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

Alexander Marlenovich never concealed his sympathy for the communist ideology, and after the occupation of Crimea by Russian invaders Sverbilov liked to vacation at the resorts of the peninsula.

After Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the collaborator joined the Communist Party of Russia and became a member of the Committee of the regional branch of this Rashist political force in the occupied Kherson region. Since then, Sverbilov has been actively involved in KPRF activities, and it was probably the Communists who lobbied for his appointment as head of the illegal “election commission” in Novotroitskoye.

With the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian invaders in February 2022, the adherent of the “Russian world” showed her anti-Ukrainian position and openly supported the arrival of the “liberators.

After the invaders came to the territory of Kherson region, Sverbilov began to praise the “Russian world” and advocated the annexation of Kherson region to Russia. Actively disseminated Russian propaganda narratives. He willingly participates in propaganda events organized by local gauleiters and representatives of Putin’s regime in Kherson region. The collaborator repeatedly participated in gatherings of Communists and discussed issues of a public nature. Also agitates to speak for “Russia” and support the policies of the aggressor country.

Participation in pseudo-elections in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine:

Also a collaborator of the Rashists, Oleksandr Marlenovich agreed to “serve the occupants” and decided to become an organizer of the “day of unified voting” on September 10 in the temporarily occupied territories of Kherson region.

As part of an illegitimate event, former employee of the district hospital-collaborator Alexander Sverbilov headed the so-called “election commission” in the village of Novotroitskoye for pseudo-elections to “legislative and local authorities” organized by the Russian invaders in the occupied territories of the Kherson region.

Making a choice in favor of the aggressor country, Sverbilov Alexander signed his own verdict. After all, for high treason and encroachment on the territorial integrity of Ukraine he will answer before the law and will be punished according to the highest measures of justice.