Full name: Alexander Nikolaevich Vakulenko

Alias: Batman, Blacksmith Vacula

Date of birth: April 18, 1984

Address: Ukraine, Lugansk region, Stanichno-Lugansk district, s. Valuyskoye, 20, Gorky str;


Phone: +380503737577,+380955788105;


– officer of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Luhansk region, special rank “Warrant Officer of Police”;

– militant, member of the illegal armed group, “Batman” battalion;

– t.s. “an employee of the Artemivsk department of the LNR Interior Ministry;

– Collaborator, collaborator of the Russian occupants;



Not married, with an underage son.

Sister – Natalya Nikolaevna Vakulenko, born December 5, 1970.

Ment, traitor and militant – Alexander Nikolaevich Vakulenko, aka Batman, aka Kuznets Vakula, was born April 18, 1984 in the village of Valuyskoye, Lugansk region. Sasha did not have any ambitions for life, and after school he did not go to college, but went to work.

Some time later, Oleksandr Vakulenko gets a job in the Department of the State Guard Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Luhansk region. In the police he was engaged in escort service, and had the special rank of “Warrant Officer of the Militia. After the tragic events of 2014 in Ukraine and the beginning of Russia’s aggressive policy against Ukraine, Alexander goes over to the side of the enemy and becomes a member of the “Batman” illegal armed group. This “battalion” is notorious for committing war crimes and terrorist acts against civilians in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions. Also, Vakulenko participated in combat operations against Ukrainian government forces as a member of the Batman.

However, Vakulenko did not want to “fight” for long and became an “employee” in the so called. “Artemovsky Department of the LNR Interior Ministry. Here he participates in the terror of the so-called by “policemen” of the civilian population of the city. With the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, Alexander Vakulenko is assisting the occupiers in the so-called “the occupation administration of Stanytsia Luhanska. Alexander’s main tasks at his “new duty station” were: searching for pro-Ukrainian residents, family members of Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers and employees of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Aleksandr Vakulenko has become an enemy of Ukraine and its people forever by his heinous betrayal, and he will suffer a cruel and inevitable punishment for his deed.