Full name: Volga (Molokov) Alexander Gennadyevich

Date of birth: August 27, 1977

Place of birth: Chuvash Republic, RSFSR, USSR

Education: Novosibirsk Higher Combined Arms Command School


– collaborator

– public figure

– ex-commandant of Energodar

– former head of the Military Civil Administration of the temporarily occupied city of Energodar

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

Volga-Molokov Alexander Gennadyevich was born August 27, 1977 in Chuvashia.

Because in the early tens he was doing business in the Russian Federation: he founded several companies in the Ulyanovsk and Kirov regions and in Moscow. Graduated from Novosibirsk Higher Combined Arms Command School.

Then he went to the Crimea, where he got a job as head of the department of capital construction and housing and communal services in Alushta.

In 2016, however, Volga was arrested and convicted of corruption and abuse of power. The official gave about 60 million rubles as an advance payment to a contractor for a modular kindergarten and apartments for people relocated from emergency housing, but the objects were never built.

In early 2019, he was sentenced to four years in a maximum-security penal colony. He also received a ban on holding public office for three years. According to the verdict, the main term was calculated from the moment of detention in November 2016. The countdown of the additional punishment – prohibition to hold office – was to begin after the official leaves the colony.

However, with the occupation of Energodar, Volga-Molokov became the military commandant of the city.

Since the self-proclaimed mayor, nuclear engineer Andrey Shevchik, was seriously injured in an assassination attempt in May 2022, this collaborator took his place – he became head of the city administration.

Such activities can be regarded as cooperation with pro-Russian terrorist organizations, an attempt on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state of Ukraine, and similar actions.

After reviewing all of the above facts, we can conclude that we see another collaborator, collaborator of Russian war criminals and occupants, an employee of the occupation authorities, who is involved in the genocide of the Ukrainian people and an accomplice to the crimes of the Russian authorities against the state of Ukraine.