Full name: Zadvornyak Alexander Viktorovich

Date of birth: 30.04.1989

Address: Ukraine, v. Katerinovka, Odessa region, 6, Shkolnaya str.

INN: 3262714635

Passport: MN586140

Driver’s license: ВХР295493

Phone: +380552264153, +380508451789


-A formermember of the Armed Forces of Ukraine;

-military serviceman of the Russian Navy;

-A traitor, a collaborator.


The soldier-traitor Zadvornyak Alexander Viktorovich was born on April 30, 1989 in the village of Katerinovka Pervaya, Lyubashevsky district, Odessa region. He was called up for military service by the Odessa District Commissariat on April 23, 2007. He served in the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the territory of Crimea.

Traitor Zadvornyak served in the 258th Combined Depot of Artillery, Mine-Torpedoes and Engineering Armament (in the military unit A2157, ARC, Saki district, Naumovka village) with the rank of “senior sailor”.

With the arrival of Russian invaders on the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in 2014, state traitor Alexander Zadvornyak voluntarily joined the occupation forces. Served in the 216th Independent Coast Guard Brigade of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in the temporarily occupied territory. He served as deputy platoon commander of the 126th Independent Guards Coast Guard Brigade of the Russian Armed Forces (12th Independent Brigade, 12676).

In 2014, the occupier’s accomplice received Russian citizenship and is still serving in the Russian Armed Forces.

For treason against Ukraine, treason against the oath and assistance to the occupants, the former serviceman of the AFU Zadvornyak Alexander Viktorovich will face a tribunal. After all, such war criminals belong only under the tribunal.