Full name: Dushny Alexander Alexandrovich

Date of birth: 09.03.1985

Address: Ukraine, Lugansk region, Starobelsk district, Starobelsk, Butkov street, 12, sq. 2.







– builder;

– t.s. “chief specialist of the housing and utilities department of the Starobelsk district administration of lnr”;

– A traitor, an accomplice of the Russian occupation troops;



Dushny Aleksandr Aleksandrovich – traitor to Ukraine and active supporter of the Russian occupation troops, was born on March 9, 1985 in the city of Starobelsk , Lugansk region.

Until February 24, 2022, Alexander lived in Starobelsk and worked as a construction worker. He received his higher education at the Lugansk National Agrarian University. With the beginning of a full-scale invasion of Luhansk oblast by Russian occupants, Cherevatnyi committed high treason and went over to the side of the enemy.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

When Russian occupation troops entered Starobelsk, Alexander betrayed Ukraine and voluntarily became an accomplice of the Russian occupiers. The latter, as a reward for making the “right” choice, appointed Dushny “chief specialist” in the so-called “Department of Housing and Communal Services of the Starobelsk District Administration of Lnr”.

In his “position” Alexander was engaged in the active “development” of housing and communal services in Starobelsk. For example, the enterprises that provided housing and communal services were looted, and the residents of Starobelsk are sitting in occupation without water, heat and electricity. At the same time, the collaborator is getting rich on corruption schemes under the leadership of pseudo officials-traitors.

The faces of such scum will be remembered for a long time. The representative of the family of Ukrainophobes – Alexander Dushny voluntarily signed his own verdict by voluntarily switching to the side of the aggressor country and promoting anti-Ukrainian sentiments. He will definitely be court-martialed and given a fair punishment for his illegal actions against Ukraine and its people. One conclusion is that there will be no place for collaborators in the vacated territories.