Full name: Alexei Ivanovich Cherepovsky

Date of birth: May 09, 1971

Address: Donetsk, st. Severnokrymskaya, 2, kv.15.

ISBN: 2606100471

Passport: BA689159

Marital status: married


– a surgeon at City Hospital No. 2, Donetsk;

– an employee of a subdivision of the State Emergencies Ministry of Ukraine in Donetsk region;

– Head of the operative-medical department of the “DNR” Ministry of Emergency Situations;

– Collaborator, collaborator of the Russian occupants.


An adherent of the “Russian world,” a traitor and collaborator, Alexei Cherepovsky was born on May 9, 1971, in the city of Donetsk. He graduated from the Donetsk National Medical University named after M. Gorky. He graduated from Donetsk National Medical University named after M. Gorky. He worked as a surgeon in one of the city hospitals in Donetsk, then moved to one of the medical and sanitary units of the State Service of Ukraine for Emergency Situations in the city of Donetsk.

In 2014, along with the arrival of the occupiers, the traitor Alexei Cherepovsky imbued with the ideology of the liberators and began to incite local residents to believe the occupiers and their promises. He helped organize pro-Russian rallies in Donetsk.

The collaborator apparently did his rotten job more than satisfactorily. For this, the occupation authorities offered Cherepovsky a position in the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the “DPR,” to which the Ukrainophobe willingly agreed and now holds the position of head of the operational and medical department of the “DPR” Ministry of Emergency Situations with the rank of lieutenant colonel.

Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, bastard Alexei Cherepovsky has been providing medical care to Russian servicemen and other militants of illegally armed groups.

The doctor who swore an oath not only to Hippocrates, but to all Ukrainian people, betrayed his oath and became a criminal and a collaborator. And this is exactly the case when time does not heal. After all, punishment is inevitable. And for all the wounds inflicted by treachery to the fatherland, there will soon have to be a price to pay.