Full name: Grabar Alexei Nikolaevich

Alias: The Ringleader

Date of birth: June 28, 1971

Address: Ukraine, Kharkiv region, Volchansk district, Volchansk, Gogol street, 64, a quarter 59; Dzerzhinskogo street, 11A, a quarter 65 ;


MC 434760, MN 383814;

Driver’s license:
TVA157373, AVYA552682;

OPEL Omega, license plate 67836XK; CHRYSLER 300m, license plate number 21AI8473; FORD Mustang, license plate number 10BK7112; CHRYSLER Sebring, license plate number AX9869EP; VAZ 2101, license plate GN1483HA; GAZ Gazelle license plate В 488 МУ 31 RUS;


– police officer, inspector of the Volchansk Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region;

a natural person-entrepreneur;

– a candidate for deputy of the Starosaltivsk Village Council, a member of the “Kernes Bloc – Successful Kharkiv!” party;

– Collaborator, collaborator of the Russian occupants;




Not married, with a son and daughter.

Smuggler, police officer and traitor Alexei Grabar, aka Vozhak, was born on June 28, 1971 in the city of Volchansk, Kharkov region. Since childhood, Alexei showed himself as an enterprising person, but he decided to become a policeman.

He served as an inspector in the Volchansk Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairsof Ukraine in the Kharkiv region. However, Grabar did not have time to serve long in the police – in his position he was engaged in smuggling, for which he was convicted in 2003. After serving time in prison, Alexei started a business, opened a sole proprietorship, but did not work with “scam artists,” out of harm’s way.

Alexei’s business went well, and over time he bought himself several cars, in particular a FORD Mustang and a CHRYSLER Sebring. However, business wasn’t enough for Grabar – he wanted to become a politician. To this end, he joins the party “Kernes Bloc – Successful Kharkov!” and in 2020 even ran for deputy to the Starosaltivsk Village Council, but lost the election and remains without a mandate.

The life of the successful “businessman” Alexei Grabar collapses with the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022. When Russian occupation forces entered Volchansk, they offered Grabar’s cooperation. In exchange, the invaders promised not to touch the business and Alexei himself. Without thinking twice, Alexei betrays Ukraine and agrees to cooperate with the occupiers, helping them with food and equipment. He also engaged in pro-Russian propaganda among the local residents of Volchansk, inducing them to cooperate with the occupiers.

Alexei Grabar will be severely and inevitably punished for his despicable betrayal. And he will be deprived of everything – his home, his business, his money, his freedom, and maybe even his life.