Full name: Grunenko Alexei Valentinovich

Date of birth: 29.10.1974

Address: Ukraine, Kherson region, Kherson, Engelsa str. 15, sq. 61;

DRFO: 2733005554

+380668777487, +380630338707, +79900014587;


-Higher -Dnepropetrovsk National University named after V.I. Vernadsky. О. Gonchar (1993-1998);


– Deputy Head of the Department for Combating Contraband and Customs Violations of the Kherson Customs;

– Head of Material and Technical Supply and Tender Work Service at Kherson Merchant Sea Port;

– deputy director of airport Kherson on administrative and economic activity;

– t.s. “head of the tax service of the Kherson occupation administration;

– Collaborator, collaborator of the Russian occupants;




He is not married and has no children.

Official, traitor and “publican” – Alexei Valentinovich Grunenko was born October 29, 1974 in the city of Skadovsk, Kherson region. Alexei studied at Secondary School No. 1, which was also located in Skadovsk.

Since childhood, Grunenko wanted to become a military man, and so in 1991 he enrolled in the St. Petersburg Higher Military School of Radio Electronics, but after the collapse of the Soviet Union he refused to take the oath of service to the Russian Federation and resigned from the army. Alexei did not sit idly by for long and in 1993 entered the Dnieper University. О. GoncharHe successfully completed his studies in 1998.

After graduating from university, Alexei Grunenko got a job at Kherson customs. There he achieved great success and was deputy head of the anti-smuggling and customs violations department. But, he fell under the law of Ukraine “On the purification of power”, and therefore was dismissed from his job at the customs. After that, he worked at important infrastructure facilities in the city – the port and the airport, where he held management positions. But Grunenko’s “finest hour” had not yet come.

After the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022 and the entry of Russian occupation forces into Kherson, Alexei Grunenko betrayed Ukraine and switched to the service of the enemy. The occupiers decided to take Alexei’s work experience into account and appointed him to the position of “chief” of the so-called “the tax service of the Kherson occupation administration. It has been established that in the “position” held Grunenko was directly involved in robbing civilians under the guise of “taxes”. “occupation administration.

For “working” for the Russian invaders, Alexei Grunenko faces a severe punishment, which will come to him very soon.