Full name: Tsvigun Alexey Yurievich

Date of birth: 03.04.1990

Place of birth: Ukraine, Zhitomir region, the city of Berdichev

Address: Ukraine, Kiev, Zhukovsky str. 14; sq. 94;

Ukraine, Kiev, Krasnozvezdniy Ave. 152а;

Ukraine, Chernigov region, Bakhmach city, Druzhba str. 6; sq. 11;

INN: 3296501637


– Former MIA employee

Collaborationist activities:

Tsvigun Alexey Yurievich was born April 3, 1990 in the city of Berdichev.

In order to get back on his feet, Alexei decided for himself to get a job at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Where he began to lie to people, little by little, closing the cases of the guilty.

It’s easy to come to an agreement with Tsvigun. It is enough just to shine a wad of money, and immediately the eyes of the law are closed.

Alexei Yurievich, having gained experience in deception and service in the MIA, moved to Kiev.

Thanks to his work inthe Berkutand killing Ukrainians on the Maidan in 2014, Alexei collected money for a couple of apartments.

Tsvigun received a Russian passport on June 24, 2014, while working at a government job in Ukraine.

Since 2014, Alexei Tsvigun has been on the wanted list. Most likely Alexei fled, feeling guilty for grave crimes against his people.

As soon as Tsvigun wishes to visit his relatives, he crosses the Ukrainian border and is immediately detained and sent to jail.