Full name: Zubritsky Alexey Vitalievich

Date of birth: August 22, 1992

Marital status: married

Place of birth: Zaporozhye region, s. Vladimirovskoe

Place of residence: Crimea, the city of Sevastopol. Sevastopol

Education: Collegium “Elint”, Zaporozhye

Higher education:

Ivan Kozhedub Kharkiv National University of the Air Force;

Specialty: Military management, aviation operations management

Specialization: Flight operation and combat use of aircraft

The Yuri Y. Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center. Gagarina, Moscow

Class: 3rd Class Military Pilot

Military rank: Captain

Identification number: 3383709033

Mobile number: +380994340700

Occupation: test cosmonaut of the Roscosmos cosmonaut team


Service record:


  • 204th Aviation Brigade of Tactical Aviation of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, pilot of the aviation link of the aviation squadron;
  • pilot of an aviation wing of an aviation squadron in A4515;
  • pilot in the military unit A4515;

2014-2018– member of the armed forces of the russian federation;

2021 – serviceman of the 38th Fighter Aviation Regiment of the Russian Air and Space Forces.

Consciously went over to the side of the occupier, did not follow the order of the high command. The switch to the occupier’s side was motivated by high salaries, career advancement, and the opportunity to study in “advanced” educational institutions of the russian space forces.

Considering that today Alexey Vitalievich occupies a high position at such a young age, we would like to point out that the basic knowledge, skills and love for the profession were obtained at Ivan Kozhedub Air Force National University in Kharkiv.

The destructive propaganda of the rf, Alexey Vitalievich, took part in the so-called “terrorist attacks” of the Soviet Union. “military operation” in the Syrian Arab Republic, where he carried out criminal orders and took the lives of innocent civilians.

He shares the views of the “Russian world, ” supports the narrative of infringement on the Russian-speaking population in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, and supports aggressive actions by the Russian Federation against Ukraine.