Full name: Filimenko Alexei Leonidovich

Date of birth: December 5, 1980

Place of birth: Donetsk region, v. Vinogradnoe

Address: Donetsk, shkolny boulevard, 43g.

INN: 2955919113

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine: VA748405

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad: AT026962

Driver’s license: VAN024076

Mobile numbers: +380962361123






Married, with a daughter.

Labor Activities:

– Senior inspector of the duty unit of the left bank police department of the Mariupol regional police department in Donetsk region; employee of the Ukrainian National Security Service;

– a police officer of the DPR; a law enforcement officer in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine;

– Art. Inspector of the police department on duty; employee of Ukraine;

– Mariupol City Department of the Dnieper Ministry of Internal Affairs – officer

Collaborationist activities:

Alexei Leonidovich Filimonenko was born in 1980 in the village of Vinogradnoe, where he decided for himself that he would become an arm of the law. However, his own desires turned against him.

Oleksiy Leonidovich Filimonenko became an adherent of the Russian idea, a traitor to his oath before the people of Ukraine, in 2022.

Alexei and his friends were among the first to go over to the side of the Russian occupiers, where they began working for the benefit of the invaders.

Filimonenko facilitated and supported the detention of people who had their own opinion of a free Ukraine, qualitatively fulfilling the orders of their “new” bosses.