Full name: Alexey Pavlovich Molyavko

Date of birth: 18.03.1988

Place of birth: Zaporizhzhya region, Pologi town

Address: Ukraine, Kherson

Contacts: +79900187695


– the head of a public organization under the occupation authorities;

– chief specialist of the department of planning and organizational and methodological work “Ministry of Sports of Kherson region”;

– head of a fake polling station in a pseudo-referendum;

– traitor, collaborator



Molyavko Alexey Pavlovich – the state traitor, the representative of pseudo-government of the Kherson area was born on March 18, 1988 in Zaporozhye area, Pologi.

Even as the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian invaders began in 2022, Oleksiy Pavlovich became a traitor and a collaborator. Molyavko believed in the coming of the “Russian world” and went over to the side of the occupants, began to actively cooperate with the occupation authorities.

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

At first, the state trafficker received a “position” from the Russians as a pseudo-director of secondary school No. 34 in Kherson, where Molyavko immediately began to fulfill all the instructions of the occupants to brainwash children with propaganda.

The collaborator began to carry out activities under the direction of the local occupation authority. He became an active member of the city’s physical health center under the occupation authorities.

After a job well done under the guidance of the occupation authorities, Oleksiy Pavlovich began to organize a pseudo-referendum in the temporarily occupied territories of the Kherson region. Thus, the collaborator headed a fake polling station, which was located in the building of school No. 14 in Kherson as the chairman of the occupation election commission.

In 2023, Molyavko received a new pseudo-duty under the occupants – chief specialist of the department of planning and organizational and methodological work of the “Ministry of Sports of Kherson region“.He became a member of the committee on health, education, science, culture, labor and social policy, family, youth, sports and tourism.

The so-called “specialist of the Ministry of Sport” promotes youth patriotic movements in order to propagandize “Russian peace” among the local population. Participates in actions that destabilize Ukraine and threaten Ukraine’s independence.

The accomplice of the Russian occupation authorities Molyavko Alexey Pavlovich betrayed his country and his people. A collaborator will still have to answer to the law for serving the enemy and collaborating with the occupier. After all, treason cannot be forgiven.