Full name: Zhuravko Alexey Valeryevich

Date of birth: April 21, 1974

Address: Ukraine, Kherson region, Tsyurupinsk district, Tsyurupinsk city, Zhytloselishche, 21, sq.57;

DRFO: 2713916056


Secondary vocational Luhansk Secondary vocational school, specialty blanket shoes;

-Higher – Kherson State University, specialty economic theory;


– entrepreneur, private enterprise Zhuravushka in Tsyurupinsk, Kherson region;

Director of the society “Commonwealth of Initiative Persons with Disabilities”;

– initiator of the creation of the All-Ukrainian Association of Employable Persons with Disabilities;

– deputy of Ukraine of the V and VI convocations from the Party of Regions;

– Collaborator, collaborates with the occupation administration of the Russian Federation;



Married, raising a daughter.

The spouse is Angela Yurievna Zhuravko, born on November 21, 1986;

Daughter – Zhuravko Elizabeth Alexeyevna, born in 2007.

Alexei Zhuravko, an invalid and traitor, was born on April 21, 1974, in the Dnepropetrovsk city of Zheltiye Vody. His parents did not raise him and placed him in an orphanage because Alexei was born disabled – his left arm and right leg were missing, and his left leg was severely shortened. For several years after his birth, Zhuravko lived at the local boarding school in the town of Zheltiye Vody, and in 1978 he was transferred to the Tsuryupinsk orphanage and boarding school, where he was maintained until 1990.

Despite his disability, Alexei did not give up and decided to get an education in order to get a job. To this end, in 1990 he entered the Lugansk secondary vocational school and learned there a specialty blanket shoes. Zhuravko graduated from the college in 1992, soon after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Upon his return to Tsuryupinsk, he became an entrepreneur and opened a private enterprise, Zhuravushka. In 1997, she became a member and later director of the society “Community of Initiative Workers with Disabilities,” which was dedicated to protecting the rights of people with disabilities and promoting the process of their inclusion in society. The company was also engaged in the production of bakery products.

For Alexei Zhuravko, his political career was unsuccessful at his first attempt – in 2002, he managed to get only 10% of the vote in the electoral district and was in 4th place. He was elected from the pro-government bloc “For United Ukraine! In 2006 he ran on the party lists of the pro-Russian Party of Regions. After the dissolution of the 5th convocation of the Verkhovna Rada in 2007, he was elected to a new convocation from the “regionalists” and was a deputy until the end of the term of the Verkhovna Rada in 2012. In the same year, Zhuravko tried to run for re-election again, but lost the election.

After the events of Euromaidan in Kiev in 2014, he went into opposition to the government and, according to the SBU, fled to the Russian Federation in 2015. There he was not particularly active and “lay” on the bottom. With the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, Alexei Zhuravko began to actively oppose Ukraine, its territorial integrity and sovereignty, advocating war and supporting the so-called Russia’s “special operation” against Ukraine. He betrayed Ukraine, his voters, and his fellow citizens with these heinous acts.

However, by coming to his native Kherson region, he made it easier for the Resistance fighters. For it was now only a matter of time before the traitor was punished. And disability will not be counted as a mitigating circumstance, because for collaborators there is always one end, and the name for it is death.