Full name: Alina Yurievna Kadanova

Date of birth: 29.11.2000

Place of birth: Mariupol, Donetsk region.

Occupation: blogger, collaborator

Place of residence:

  • Mariupol, 9 May St., 13, app.107
  • Mariupol, Volgodonskaya St., 23, app. 7
  • Makeyevka


  • passport (rf): 60 23 907723




Father: Kadanov Yuri Viktorovich

Date of birth: 31.10.1976



Mother: Kadanova Olga Vitalievna

Date of birth: May 1, 1979

Phone: +380982381602

Biography of Alina Kadanova:

Alina Kadanova was born on November 29, 2000. Her father Yuri Kadanov worked as a refractory worker at Azovstal. And the mother is Olga Kadanova, an assistant teacher in a kindergarten in Mariupol. Her parents are divorced.

Kadanova went to school No. 55 in Mariupol. In 2016 she entered the Mariupol Mechanics and Metallurgy College, played for the volleyball team. Alina Kadanova graduated in 2022. Then she worked at Azovstal Iron and Steel Works.

But the peaceful and quiet life was not to her liking. Kadanova sided with the rascists during the occupation of Mariupol and began to promote their propaganda.

Alina Kadanova: Collaborationism

In her social networks, Kadanova justifies Russian aggression against Ukraine. She also glorifies the militants of the so-called “dnr”. Kadanova says that people in Mariupol “live well,” they don’t want to return to the control of the Ukrainian authorities, and they only dream that “the bombings will stop”.

“When I lived in Mariupol, I didn’t walk around wrapped in a flag like a clown or say “I love my Ukraine”… Now they keep saying: “Ukraine will take everything back and it’s time for you to fuck out”. And why should we get the fuck out? People were born here, grew up here, lived here. Maybe you shouldn’t come here. Maybe no one is waiting for you here”, – she says at one of the TikTok videos.

It is also noteworthy that Kadanova recorded a number of emotional videos with footage of the destruction in Mariupol. However, she did not say a word about the direct “merit” of the Russian Armed Forces. After all, it was the rashists who destroyed the city with artillery and aviation during the siege. Moreover, Kadanova brags that she got Russian citizenship and mocks those who have not parted with the Ukrainian passport.

It is also interesting that Kadanova talks about how the Russians are rebuilding destroyed Mariupol. However, she herself prefers to live in Makeyevka. Apparently it is not appropriate for a “ticktock star” to survive among the ruins, if at the same time you can drive around Donetsk, go to restaurants and talk about “the beautiful life in Russia”. Kadanova’s lies and complicity with the occupiers will not be forgotten. Neither the residents of Mariupol, nor the Ukrainian law enforcers.