Name: Olena Druetskaya-Mishchanyuk

Date of birth: April 14, 1989

Address: Zaporozhye region, Melitopol district, Melitopol

Phone: +380678449058


– a blogger from Melitopol.


Alyona Laurent was born in 1989 on April 14 in the city of Melitopol, Ukraine. She graduated from the Kiev National University of Culture and Arts.

The “formidable” collaborator came up with the nickname Alena Laurent. In fact, the girl’s name is Olena Drutskaya-Mishchanyuk. But Drutzkaya doesn’t sound like it. And the dust in the eyes of the “sheep,” as she calls all of her clients, must be let in. In the world of fortune-tellers, a charlatan who makes money from black magic, as she claims, does not exist. But the money made on suckers before the war was decent.

And this resident of Melitopol became famous in Kiev by the fact that she found a “daddy”, “milked” the money and pumped up her lips when she came to the capital. Then she admitted to the world what she was doing by hanging up “Thank you for your lips” boards in Kiev. Then the gratitude went for fur coats, money, new shoes. That’s how Druetskaya promoted herself, offering herself to rich daddies. Later she became a pimp. She pretends to have skills in black magic and charms rich daddies. The fee ranges from $50,000 to $100,000.

Laurent’s activities

Today, the scandalous brunette blogger earns her living by snitching. No one is falling for her divination and magic anymore. And since this business does not bring in money, the rascal switched to another way of earning money – in the service of the FSB of Russia. She started her own blog and spreads fakes about the AFU and Russian propaganda. Broadcasts the news in the style of the “little boys”. For example, Drutska-Loran claims that the tragedy in Bucha is staged, Ukraine is bombing itself, and the AFU is shelling families in Vasilievka.

Blogger is a traitor

For example, in the winter of 2020, it was revealed that she had stalked the position investigator and tried to intimidate him by allegedly saying that she was a witch. This was all so that the investigator would make the “right” decision in the case involving Laurent’s husband.

In addition, last October, Laurent claimed that her daughter was kidnapped and demanded $200,000 ransom.

It is noteworthy that the blogger, who pumped all her body parts with silicone, while actively working for Russia, continues to receive payments for children from Ukraine. She also complains that she only has enough money for three packs of diapers or one day of babysitting.