Full name: Zlivka Alyona Aleksandrovna

Date of birth: 04.04.1996

Passport: ID 004802982

INN: 3515803706

Address: Berdyanskoye village, Mangusha district of Donetsk region, Fieldskaya street, 29

Phone: +380975107567


– an employee of the social bodies of the Mangusha district administration;

– A female employee of social structures in the village of Mangush under the occupation authorities;

– An accomplice of the Russian occupation authorities, a collaborator.

Zlivka Alyona Aleksandrovna was born on April 4, 1996 in the village of Berdyanskoye, Mangusha district, Donetsk region. She graduated from Donetsk State University with a degree in Finance and Credit.

After graduating from college, the traitor got a job at the Mangusha district administration. She was the chief specialist in the Citizens’ Affairs Department of the Mangusha District Administration. Alena Alexandrovna also worked for some time in the Citizens Service Department of the Pension Fund in the village of Mangush.

With the beginning ofthe full-scaleinvasion of Ukraine by Russian occupation troops, Alyona Zlivka, an employee of government agencies, actively expressed her support for the occupiers and voluntarily took the side of the enemy.

Now the collaborator is an employee of the administrative structures of the Russian occupiers. Since April 2022, the traitor had been working in the “pension service of the DPR” and had taken a position as an employee of the social insurance department of the occupation administration of the settlement of Mangush.

The collaborator has yet to answer in court for his service for the Russian occupiers. Alyona Zlivka will be held responsible for helping her enemy.