Анастасия Карпенкова

Full Name: Anastasia Valeryevna Karpenkova

Date of Birth: 31.10.1992

Place of birthZaporizhzhya region, Melitopol district, Veseloye village

OccupationCollaborator, deputy head of the fake administration of the occupied village of Veseloye, Zaporizhzhya region

Place of residence:

  • Zaporizhzhya region, Melitopol district, Veseloe village, Bazarny Lane, 57


  • passport: СЮ112808 (Ukr)
  • TIN: 3390705829



Father: Valery Alekseevich Karpenkov

Date of birth: 02.05.1968

Passport: CA491158 (Ukr)

TIN: 2495908134 (Ukr)


Mother: Lilia Yurievna Karpenkova

Date of Birth: 31.07.1970

Passport: CA491160

TIN: 2577919482


Biography of Anastasia Karpenkova

Anastasia Karpenkova was born on October 31, 1992 in the village of Veseloye, Zaporozhye region. She worked as a presenter of the radio “Vesele FM”, was a deputy of the district council and engaged in activist activities.

After the occupation of Veseloho in 2022, Karpenkova spent a couple of weeks even interviewing the chairman of the village council, Petro Kiyashko, who eventually refused to cooperate with the Rashists. Anastasia, however, did the opposite and decided to betray her country.

Anastasia Karpenkova: collaborationism

The occupants generously thanked Karpenkova for her treachery by appointing her deputy head of the fake administration of the Veseloye settlement, where about 10 thousand people lived before the occupation.

According to some information, Veselogo’s “gray cardinal” is behind Karpenkova’s appointment Viktor Masalov. The latter is a confidant of Melitopol’s gauleitersha Galina Danilchenko and approves appointments to senior positions in the occupation administration of Veseloho.

Anastasia Karpenkova has a rather ambiguous reputation among the residents of the settlement, namely the reputation of a girl of easy behavior. Even Anastasia herself does not hide it. She openly revealed on social media that she cheated on her husband with a lover 32 years older than her.

According to Ria-Melitopol, the collaborator is currently terrorizing the local population with threats. Her phrase “There are enough basements for everyone in Veselom” has become popular among Veselovites. Never walks alone, only with Russian military men with machine guns.

Karpenkova also “distinguished” herself with vile statements about the Rashist flag, describing it as “beautiful, huge, of unforgettable beauty and purity.”

In May 2022, the Security Service of Ukraine announced Karpenkova’s suspicion of collaborationist activities. She’s currently a wanted fugitive.


Karpenkova’s father is Valery Alekseevich (born 1968) and her mother is Lilia Yurievna (born 1970).