Full Name:
Anastasia Korzh

Date of Birth:


Ukraine, Zaporizhzhya region,village Bolshaya Belozerka


– t.nz “supervisor” in t.nz. of the Greater Bilzerka “department of education.”

– propagandist of the “Russian world”;




Korzh Anastasia – traitor to Ukraine and accomplice of Russian occupation troops, was born on June 07, 1999 in the village of Bolshaya Belozerska, Vasilievsky district, Zaporizhzhya region.

Until February 24, 2022, Anastasia lived in Melitopol and studied at Melitopol College of Culture. With the beginning of thefull-scale invasion of the Russian occupants on the territory of Zaporizhzhya region, the young girl became a traitor to her people and an “assistant” for the Russian occupants.

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

When the temporary occupation of the Zaporizhzhya region by the Russian occupiers began, Anastasia decided to
to betray
Ukraine and defect to the enemy. The invaders were pleased with the new “young addition” and appointed Nastya as a “chief” in the so-called. of the Greater Bilzerka “department of education.”

In her new “place,” a collaborator
is engaged in
In the new “place”, the collaborator is engaged in the transition of education in the specified locality to the so-called “place”. “Russian standards”. Also, it is directly involved in conducting “zombification” of a narrow world of schoolchildren and teenagers, “pumping” them with Russian propaganda. At the same time, educational materials written in Ukrainian were destroyed on the personal orders of the state treasonist.

However, there is punishment for every crime. And Anastasia Korzh will soon be held responsible
to be held accountable
for her atrocities against innocent children and teenagers.