Full name: Anatoly Konstantinovich Avramov

Date of birth: 30.01.1954

Identification number: 1975300352

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine: id-card VA850701

Residence Addresses:

– Donetsk region, Pervomaisky district, Urzuf, 21A Naberezhnaya Street;

– Donetsk region, Mangusha district, Stroiteley Avenue 12.

Driver’s license: TD375153, ANV152003;

Personal vehicle: AH 8880 HC Volkswagen Tiguan

Mobile numbers: +380629767342, +380508305188, +380962382204, +380676290880, +380955849907

Occupation: Collaborator, supporter of

“russian peace”

and admirer of Vladimir Putin; representative of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations in Ukraine

Labor Activities:

– Urzuf village council, chairman of the village council;

– Public figure of the civil organization “Opora and Development”;

– Head of the Pervomaisky district organization
“party of regions”.

– An employee of the emergency rescue squad of the Main Department of the State Emergency Service in the Donetsk region.

The Political Way:

He was a deputy of the “Party of Regions” of the 5th convocation.


Activities on the side of the occupier

As head of the village council in Urzuf, he was personally instructed by Viktor Yanukovych to keep an eye on his dacha. During the president’s tenure, the fugitive campaigned for the further integration of Ukraine into the Russian Federation.

He believed that a pro-Russian government would soon unite the former republics into a single entity that would represent an analog of the Soviet Union. He was considered for the position of manager of Viktor Yanukovych’s estate in the village of Novye Petrovtsy, Vyshgorod district, Kyiv region.

With the beginning of the large-scale aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, he began to head the “shady schemes” of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations. He was in charge of re-registering all boarding houses and recreation areas located on the coast of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine in favor of various leaders of the Russian Ministry of Emergency.

Moreover, he is engaged in burying servicemen (defenders of Mariupol) in the cemetery in the urban-type settlement of Yalta. According to verified data, the price for the burial of the heroes of Mariupol in a solitary grave costs the family of the deceased 25 thousand hryvnia. Moreover, after the burial of the dead defender, Anatoly Konstantinovich disseminated information regarding the relatives and friends of Ukrainian servicemen for further pressure and threats.

Dark Schemes

Repeatedly there were cases where the family of the deceased Mariupol man received phone calls and letters from unknown persons threatening reprisals, as well as making offers that were hard to refuse. Otherwise, if the relatives of the deceased do not pay the amount of 25,000 hryvnia again, the body of their relative (the deceased defender of Mariupol) will be exhumed.

In general, Anatoly Konstantinovich has established a reputation as a ruthless man for whom money solves everything.

According to a closed program of the russian Ministry of Defense, Anatoly is taking all possible measures to ensure that as few bodies of deceased participants of the “special military operation” as possible get back home to the russian Federation. Russian servicemen are usually declared traitors to the fatherland, surrendering or committing self-inflicted wounds.

It is known that Anatoly Konstantinovich was directly involved in the preparation for the public treasury of the “Azov” regiment.

Adjustments were made as to how to inflict mutilation in more subtle ways and how to use these execution materials to influence the families of Ukrainian servicemen.