Full name: Anatoly Stanislavovich Fomichevsky

Date of birth: 01.10.1970

Marital status: married

Place of birth: Kharkiv region, Izium

Places of residence:

Kharkiv region, Izyum, 48A Lenin Avenue, apt. 21;

11 Malopodvorskaya Street, Izyum, Kharkiv region;

Kharkiv region, Izyum, Independence Avenue 48A, sq. 21;

Kharkov region, Izyum, 18 Pokrovskaya street. block 35

Education: Izyum, Secondary School No. 5

Higher education: Interindustry Institute of Postgraduate Education

Faculty: Business and Computer Science

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine: MK926063

Identification number: 2584120577

Driver’s license: CAA069168

Personal vehicles: VAZ 2109

License plate: 33714XK

Mobile numbers: +380631192962, +380574358047, +380506386532

Occupation: so called deputy of Izyum city council from the political party “opzj”


Activities and Political Path:

2009 – First Secretary of the Izyum City Committee;

2015 – participant of groups covering “LNR/ NNR” activities on the social network;

2016 – member of the “Communist Party of Ukraine;

2018 – Deputy of Izyum City Council;

2020 – deputy of Izyum city council of the 7th convocation;

2022 – deputy of the Izyum City Council from the political party “opzzh”.

Since 2014, it has actively supported separatist movements regarding the creation of the so-called “separatist” movement. of the People’s Republics of the LNR/ NNR. In 2016 he was on the side of Ukrainian politician Alla Aleksandrovskaya, who is known to all for her pro-Russian views and attitudes. Also appealed to Aleksandrovska Alla with the purpose of joint influence on the leadership and deputies of local councils, so that they, in turn, made a joint appeal to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the President to change the constitution and make changes to it regarding the federalization of Ukraine.

During the beginning of the large-scale war, Anatoly Stanislavovich assisted the occupation troops, made fire adjustments, and it was his fault that the Izyum bridge was targeted. Moreover, at Anatoly Stanislavovich’s instigation, the occupation troops were able to enter Izyum unhindered because Anatoly showed an unprotected road from the side of the Ukrainian armed forces to enter the city.

Since the occupation troops entered the city, Anatoliy Stanislavovich handed over to the occupation troops a large database of information about former and active servicemen, contacts and addresses of family members of representatives of the power structures, as well as indicated the location and number of equipment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

After the occupation of the city spread information that the capital of Ukraine had been taken in a ring and within the next 72 hours the Ukrainian authorities would be forced to negotiate with the Russian Federation.