Full Name: Anatoly Vladimirovich Kazantsev

Date of Birth: 27.11.1986

Place of birth: Chelyabinsk

Occupation: Lieutenant Colonel, commander of the 24th Regiment of the 70th Division of the 18th Army (v/h 12266), war criminal

Places of residence:

  • г. Chelyabinsk, Novorossiyskaya str. 86, sq. 13
  • г. Moscow, Sadovaya-Spasskaya St., 3k2, sq.1221 (dormitory)
  • г. Chelyabinsk, Vorovskogo street, 63A, sq. 7
  • г. Chebarkul, 55 Kashirina St., Q. 18


  • Passport: 7506031368
  • TIN: 742007755506
  • SNILS: 16721723567
  • driver’s license: 6633005052


  • Land Rover Freelander, 2012, license plate number U579SV174


Mail: [email protected]

Wife: Natalia Sergeevna Kazantseva (Kitova)

Date of birth: 01.08.1986



Daughter: Anastasia Anatolievna Kazantseva

Date of birth: 29.10.2010



Son: Kirill Anatolyevich Kazantsev

Date of birth: 04.10.2013

Phone: 79151075444

Mother: Tatiana Kazantseva (Golubchikova)

Date of birth: 28.06.1956

Sister: Olga Sivkova

Date of birth: 21.04.1979

Niece: Anna Sivkova

Father-in-law: Sergey Kitov

Date of birth: 03.12.1962

Biography of Anatoly Kazantsev

Anatoly Kazantsev was born on November 27, 1986 in Chelyabinsk. He graduated from local school #121 in 2004. Then in 2008 – Kazan Higher Tank Command School. In 2020 – the All-Union Military Academy of the Russian Armed Forces. He served in the Ural Strike Tank Battalion and also in the 239th Tank Regiment.

Anatoly Kazantsev: war crimes

Since October 2017, Anatoly Kazantsev spent six months on a “business trip” in Syria. There, the Russian military is helping the dictatorial regime of Bashar al-Assad destroy civilians. In the war against Ukraine Lieutenant Colonel took part even before the full-scale invasion, commanded the occupiers in Donbass since March 2021.

Now Anatoly Kazantsev commands the 24th regiment of the 70th division. This unit has held positions on the left bank of the Dnieper River in the Kherson region since July 2023. Kazantsev’s subordinates commit war crimes against civilians in the temporarily occupied territories.

Also, units of the 70th Division are taking part in the destruction of residences and critical infrastructure on the right bank. Bombardments of Kherson, Berislav, Kazatskoye and other settlements constantly cause civilian casualties.

Anatoly Kazantsev’s family

Married. Has two children: a son Kirill and a daughter Anastasia. Kazantsev’s father-in-law is also a military man.