Full name: Naumchuk Anatoly Jorgevich

Date of birth: 23.09.1975

Address: Ukraine, Crimea, Evpatoria, st.138, apt. 17; v. 140, korp. 2, sq. 9; Lenin Ave. 20/27, sq. 94;

PHO: 2765911059


EU 346145

RF passport:

Car: VAZ, Zhiguli, white, license plate 54009KR;


– Head of the linear police department at the “Yevpatoria” station;

– t.s. “Head of the Saki City Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation;

– Collaborator, collaborator of the Russian occupants;



He is not married and has no children.

“Politsay” and traitor in one person – Naumchuk Anatoly Jorgevich, born September 23, 1975 in the village of Molochnoe, Crimea. However, Anatoly will not stay in the village for long and will move to Evpatoria.

By the way, in Yevpatoria Naumchuk served in the line militia. There he achieved great success – for his diligent service the leadership appointed him head of the line department of the police at the railway station “Evpatoria”. In general, Anatoly’s career in the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine was a success.

Unfortunately, the bosses were wrong about him. In 2014, when the Russian Federation began its illegal occupation of Crimea, Anatoly Naumchuk violated his oath and defected to the enemy. The occupants, by the way, were happy about this “addition” and helped Anatoly with his “career. This is how the “policeman” Naumchuk became the “chief” of the so-called “Saky city branch of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation“. It was also found that in his “post” Naumchuk was directly involved in the crimes of the invaders against the civilians of Crimea. After the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, he continued to “work” for the occupiers.

Anatoly Naumchuk faces a just punishment for his despicable betrayal of Ukraine, which is approaching him every day.