Full name: Yatsyshyn Anatoly Ilich

Date of birth: 08.12.1955

Place of birth: Lugansk Region, Bryanka

Places of residence:

Luhansk region, Bryanka

  • Microdistrict of Poplars, 10, a quarter of 39;
  • Microdistrict of Poplar, 10/36;
  • ul. Tchaikovsky St., 29.

Identification number: 2043007253

Certificate of a member of an illegal paramilitary formation: TN026186

Mobile numbers: +380509617742, +380644350165, +380713019547, +380508169033, +380721028600, +380995475218

Occupation: Bryansk city administration “lnr ” – assistant to the head of the administration.


Labor Path:

2015 – deputy head of the administration of the public organization “Peace Luhanschina” in the city of Bryanka;

2016 – deputy head of the Bryankovsk city administration “lnr;

2016 – member of the public movement “Peace Luhanschina;

2017 – deputy head of the administration of Bryanka “lnr;

2018 – deputy head of the administration of Bryanka “lnr;

2019 – Deputy Head of Housing and Public Utilities and Construction, Bryanka Administration;

2021 – assistant to the head of the Bryanka city administration;

2022 – Bryansk city administration “lnr ” – assistant to the head of the administration.

Activities on the side of the occupier:

He went over to the side of the aggressor and is engaged in agitating the local population to support the Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine. Disseminates among the local population the information that the highest military and political leadership of Ukraine has never considered the interests of Luhansk and Donetsk.

It is engaged in integration processes for the rapid assimilation of the local population of the so-called “LNR” into the Russian Federation.

As a member of the social movement “Peace Luhanschina”, he is in charge of preparing the young population (mostly students) for further service in the government, law enforcement and municipal structures. Along with this he is engaged in volunteer projects aimed at helping those affected by the “conduct of hostilities” on the part of Ukraine.

It is engaged in the development of the patriotic youth movement “Young Guard”, which conducts patriotic education of teenagers and young men.

During the start of the large-scale war, he convinced the local population that Ukraine was shelling civilians and civilian infrastructure.

He gave instructions to law enforcement agencies to form volunteer detachments to protect the territorial integrity and independence of the so-called “LnR.