Full Name:
Andrei Alexandrovich Bulakh

Date of Birth:

Possible addresses:
Ukraine,Kherson region,Svetlova street, 9, sq.82,
Ave. Victory, 26, square 45,

Contacts: +380995062997


– a former employee of the tech industry;

– A policeman in the service of the occupiers;

-collaborator, collaborator of Russian invaders


Bulakh Andrey Alexandrovich – a maintenance specialist who went to the “service” to the occupants was born on April 06, 1977 in the city of Nova Kakhovka, Kherson region.

After the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022 Bulakh did not even try to hide his separatist views and openly supported Russian aggression and went over to the side of the enemy, engaged in collaborationist activities.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

From the first days of the occupation, a local traitor actively cooperates with the occupation authorities. He got a job in the local occupation police, he propagandizes ” Russian world” and serves well before the Rashists in his “job”, he received from the Rashists a company car with symbols “V and Z”.

The traitor provided direct assistance to the occupation structures in performing management functions on the territory of the temporarily occupied city. Coordinates and assists Russian servicemen with resettlement in the specified area.

The collaborator is engaged in terrorizing local residents, participated in and provided security and order at the pseudo-referendum held by the occupants, fulfills the tasks of the Russians to maintain “civil order” and conducts “preventive conversations” with local residents.

For the betrayal of his native state and collaborationism of the collaborator of the Russian occupiers Andriy Bulakh, a police officer, is waiting for a just punishment, and he will definitely pay for all the sins and all the blatant actions towards Ukraine and its people.