Full name: Chistyakov Andrei Vasilievich

Date of birth: December 26, 1986

INN: 3177103396

Ukraine: Mariupol city, Donetsk region, str. Bakhmutskaya, 39

Phone: +380982891087, +380504719484


– an employee of DTEK Donetsk Electric Networks;

– an employee of the “dnr” energy companies;

– traitor, collaborator


Collaborator Chistyakov Andrei Vasilyevich was born on December 26, 1986 in the city of Mariupol, Donetsk region. He graduated from the Priazovsky State Technical University in the city of Mariupol. He studied electrical engineering. Upon graduation, he received a master’s degree in Control Systems of Electric Power Production and Distribution.

In 2011, the traitor got a job at a large energy company and was an employee of DTEK Donetsk Electric Networks. Andrei Chistyakov was the group’s chief engineer.

With the beginning of thefull-scaleaggression of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine in 2022 Chistyakov A. В. went over to the side of the occupier.

The local authorities appointed a collaborator to the position of chief engineer of the energy pseudo-company “DnR Priazovskiye Elektricheskie Seti”.

For treason and cooperation with the occupation authorities traitor Chistyakov Andrei Vasilievich will have to answer in court. Such traitors and collaborators deserve harsh and just punishment.